Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The SoftBums Limerick

This past week we held a limerick contest for a hard to find starter kit in the SoftBums SuperFans Facebook group and we had such a hard time picking the winner! We decided that we needed to have a few prizes for the honorable mentions along with our grand prize winner Cassy R! We loved how she worked that hard to find print in, so clever! 

Here was the winning limerick and to see the others, join the SoftBums SuperFans group!

There once was a boy who used SoftBums.
A better fit? You can't find one!
Plus bacon and eggs,

Wrapped round his legs
Put a smile on the face of his mum :)

Honorable mentions:

Sarah D.
There one was a girl in Dakota
Who filled diapers, more than her quota.
She found Slide2Size
Would fit her big thighs
From Softbums in Minnesota!

Megan S.
There once was a little heiny.
That was so cute and tiny.
In need of a cover.
There could be no other.
SoftBums makes diapering so tidy!

Brittaney L.
Softbums, our first cloth diaper love,
Not only does the job but goes beyond and above.
No leaks, no blowouts, plus diaper galore,
I promise, you'll be left wanting more!

Congratulations to all the winners!

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