Thursday, May 21, 2015

Inserts, Flats, and the Cowardly Lion

Dirty Diaper Laundry issued a challenge to the cloth mamas of the world: For a full week, use only flat diapers, and also abandon your washer and hand wash those flats.

When I heard of this challenge I conveniently interpreted the challenge as, "use flats within your normal routine, and don't even think about hand washing are you cray cray?" It's called selective reading, and it's an epidemic. (Not really, but saying it is makes me feel better.) 

Here's the thing. I LOVE my Softbums diapers. That includes their snap in One Size Bamboo Super Pods. So upon being presented with this challenge my Cowardly Lion began to show. "but, but, bamboo is so trim and absorbent! If I switch to flats who knows what could happen?! I could get... leaks! Dun Dun Dun!" I thought (Yes, dun dun dun played in my thought process) I resolved to try it anyway! I determined I would pad fold some receiving blankets, and tri-fold some prefolds, and just lay them in like inserts. 

In Echo Shells

In Omni Shells

Voila! That was really easy. My Cowardly Lion began to feel an inkling of confidence. Sure enough, the next diaper change arrives without incident. Followed by the next, and the one after, and the one after that. Hooray for no leaks! And they fit in the shells just dandy, even the narrower Echo shells.

Echo with a Receiving Blanket Flat

Her Normal Night Diaper With Inserts
The flat is about as fluffy as her regular night time diapers

Echo with Hemp Prefold

Just as trim and absorbent as the Bamboo Super Pod, but will bunch and sag if not placed in and pinned under the snap/hook and loop properly.


  • I conquered that Cowardly Lion like a boss. #winning
  • Using the receiving blankets made for a fluffier bum for sure, they're just not as trim as that bamboo. Also not quite as absorbent, but like I said, no leaks.
  • The hemp prefolds were actually really trim and absorbent 
  • I may have conquered the Lion, but I've yet to conquer... being lazy. Which is to say, you have to fold flats, like, every time you wash them, and the sloth in me says "Girl, ain't no time for that!"
  • Yes you also have to fold prefolds, ironic considering their name, but it's like, flap this side down, flap this other side over it. easy enough to keep the sloth at bay.
  • In a pinch, or facing the need for a more cost effective insert solution, some flats will do the trick just fine, but I favor the ease and convenience of the snap in pods.

Good Day Fellow Cloth Warriors!

*This post was written by Emily! She is one of our SuperFans in our SoftBums SuperFans Facebook group!

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