Saturday, December 13, 2014

**12 Days of SoftBums SALE!!** OVER

We have some AMAZING SALES lined up for you!

Now is a great time to stock up on some diapers for your little one.  And, there are a million reasons why you need more diapers, but here are our top 3 favorites:

1.    It's FUN! You can never have enough cloth diapers.  As, long as you are washing every 3-4 days max, there is no limit to how many diapers you should own. Pick out a new diaper with every outfit!  SoftBums Solids match so much!
2.     It's Easier!  The more diapers you own the easier it is to function when things get busy!  We have busy families too, and we understand how crazy life can get.  When you have more diapers, you can wait longer to wash without running out of diapers!  This helps immensely!
3.    Your diapers last longer! The more diapers you have in your stash, the less wear and tear each diaper gets.

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