Sunday, October 26, 2014

Go MN Vikings!!!

Dear Fellow Fluff Enthusiasts,
They win, you win, rah, rah, rah! When the fabulous Vikings football team from MN (where else?) wins, the retail customer can go to the website and save 20% on any one item. Just another fun way we're promoting the Softbums brand to your customers.
Your friends in Fluff,
The SoftBums Team

Vikings 2014 Schedule
Sun, Oct 26@Buccaneers1:00 PM Monday Oct 27th Promotion
Sun, Nov 2vs.Redskins1:00 PM Monday Nov 3rd Promotion
Sun, Nov 16@Bears1:00 PM Monday Nov 17th Promotion
Sun, Nov 23vs.Packers1:00 PM Monday Nov 24th Promotion
Sun, Nov 30vs.Panthers1:00 PM Monday Dec 1st Promotion Cyber Monday!
Sun, Dec 7vs.Jets1:00 PM Monday Nov 7th Promotion
Sun, Dec 14@Lions1:00 PM Monday Dec 15th Promotion
Sun, Dec 21@Dolphins1:00 PM Monday Dec 22nd Promotion
Sun, Dec 28vsBears1:00 PM Monday Dec 29th Promotion
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