Monday, November 11, 2013

Rainbow Loom!

 How can you make this cute little turtle with your kids?
Everyone wants one!  
From the preschoolers all the way up to the highschoolers this toy is a hit!  So fun and easy to use.  Bright fun color combos and so many things to make, this toy is addictive.  And, because you use your imagination, they will just play with it forever!


HOW TO LOOM: To begin, you just find the colors you want, and start to construct your project.  So easy a 5th grader can do it all by themselves.  Younger children will need some help, at least to get started.  The instructions that come with don't really have detailed projects like the turtle, but there are tons of tutorials available online. 
Christmas Trees!
  1. You Tube has tutorials including the one from Rainbow Loom
  2. You can search on Pintrest for lots of Loom Tips
  3. Etsy always has cool stuff too for using with the Loom!

Have fun, and remember to be safe!  Rubberbands are NOT ok to be left on the floor with babies, they are a big choking hazard.  But, if you have older kids, this toy could be great!!

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  1. Thanks for the links. Getting one for my 4 year old.

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