Monday, November 18, 2013

My Baby's First Month in SoftBums- Pitty Week 3

Week 3 Recap!

          We are into our 3rd week of using SoftBums exclusively! We ran into our first issue, my poor little girl got a horrible rash all over her butt. I was so worried since it was her first one. I asked the mom's on the SuperFans page for help troubleshooting the issue. We weren’t sure if it was the laundry detergent that was causing the rash or maybe even the baby wipes. We were using All free and clear and disposable sensitive wipes. So we decided to switch it up, went to the store and got Purex free and clear and switched over to all cloth wipes plus added in an extra hot water rinse to our wash cycle. It turned out to be just a heat rash since it was in the high 90’s that week, but was happy to have switched over to cloth wipes and Purex. 

During this weeks we also added in using omni's at night since our little girl started to become a heavy wetter and had been waking every 2 hours to be changed. We now stuff a Mini Pod into the pocket and add a SuperPod over the top. Works like a charm and she has starting to sleep for 4 hours before waking up to eat. Yay!
Meadowlark in her Cowies Omni lovin on her cowie

  We are still using echos during the day and my favorites are our sugar and spice and lilac. I’m a big purple fan!

 My husband is more into grabbing for our baby safari and brown giraffes though.  Good thing we had a lot of prints and colors to choose from because Meadowlark also starting having more poops during the day and night so we were going through about 5-7 shells per day because they would leak past the mini pods. Still no blowouts though, thank goodness.  Our diapers are fitting great, and everyone loves seeing all the cute prints she is sporting around.
Ready to party!

 Even at the doctor’s office we would get so many compliments on how cute they were and how great it was that we were helping to save the environment.  We shared our experiences with several moms that were interested in cloth diapering, but they had no information about where to start. They were scared of their house always smelling like poop and the fear of having people look at you funny when you stuff a poopy diaper into the diaper bag to take home with you. I told them about our first time going out of the house with cloth diapers and forgetting to bring the wet bag with us. I didn’t have anything to put the diaper in so I wrapped it up in the extra shirt that I was wearing. I had a women looking at me like I was crazy! I was happy to have been able to share with them my stories of first starting out and told them that not everyday would be perfect and there would be some leaks, smell issues, rashes etc. But once they figured out what worked best for them they would be on the trail to cloth diapering success. 
Meadowlark in Moonlight!

Got any advice for Pitty? Let her know below!

Continue to follow Pitty & Meadowlark on their journey into cloth diapering each week throughout this series of My Baby's First Month in SoftBums!

Check back next week to read what they think of this experience so far.

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  1. Your baby is looking so cute. I just love cloth diapers but i never used them. I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you put into this! I have officially made the switch over to cloth, because your information gave me enough confidence to do so.
    Baby cloth diapers