Monday, November 11, 2013

My Baby's First Month in SoftBums- Pitty Week 2

How are things going for Pitty & Meadowlark?

Meadowlark chillin in her buttercup echo!

What Pods are you using?

During the day we are using a DryTouch Mini Pod snapped in and at night we used a DryTouch SuperPod.

How many diapers are you using per day?

I can’t believe how many diapers we go through. We are going through about 13-16 pods a day, but only going through about 3 shells.

Have you experienced any blowouts?

No blow outs at all which was so nice compared to disposables.  Even when we were in the car running around and she would poop her SoftBums kept everything nice and tidy. 

Are you using your diapers part time or full time at this point?

We are cloth diapering full time!!

We took the kids to the beach several times and took our SoftBums with us.

Did you have any new experiences this week?

While at the beach, it was funny how many people stopped to watch me change a diaper like they had never seen one before! I think most people are still stuck in the mind frame that cloth diapers are washcloths with safety pins like in the old days.  I think the only thing that is the same as back then is that we still use a good old fashion clothes line.

How is your laundry routine?

Laundry day for some might be a drag, but I love diaper laundry day! There is nothing more satisfying to me then getting to fold and put away all of my pods and shells! I love how fluffy everything is and how it has that fresh air smell to it. During the first 2 weeks we were still using All free and clear and washing every other day. We had no rashes or any issues with ammonia smell at this point. 

Are you having any problems?

The only problem we did have was which outfit we were going to put on our little girl to match her diapers.

Sometimes no outfit necessary just an adorable baby, diaper and bow :) 

Do you have any advice for Pitty? let her know below in comments!

Continue to follow Pitty & Meadowlark on their journey into cloth diapering each week throughout this series of My Baby's First Month in SoftBums!


Check back next week to see what their first big issue was and how they overcome it..

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