Friday, November 22, 2013

My Baby's First Month in SoftBums- Shannon Week 4

A day (weekend) in the life of Otis, Shannon and Justin AND Scout, and Riley and Oliver

That is the list of all of us in a truck; 3 people and 3 dogs. We headed to Iowa last weekend to help move our horses there for the winter.   

Grandma and Grandpa Pitt came to pick up the horses and we had to bring them their boat so on the road we went.  365 miles, and a 7 week old in a car seat……this should be fun. 
 I got everyone at home ready and drove into town to pick up Justin and hit the road about noon. I got the little man all in his carseat and ready but then we had a meltdown and needed a quick change even if on the tailgate, it works.

We got on the road, and wouldn’t you know 30 minutes on the road and Otis was hungry. I had tried pumping while on the road a couple of weekends ago and giving him a bottle but I’m not sure if it was the position in the carseat or what but he kept choking. This trip I wasn’t going to put up with that so we had to stop so I could nurse him.

 I set up our diaper changes with a wetbag in the back of the truck as my wet/dry bag is not huge and would just be tricky. Then we utilize the driver’s seat as a changing station and then air out our used diapers on the headrest of the passenger front seat.  This road trip included about 5 stops for feeding and diaper changes an extra 3 for extra changes as I have a man who doesn’t like to be wet.   What is normally at 7 hour trip took us 10. Uffda!

Thank goodness for my mother in law who let me do diaper laundry.  I tried to stay out of her way and not impose on her laundry so I did mine overnight now I have totally switched to overnight laundry.  I LOVE this new routine compared to my starting laundry in the AM.  I can now have my diapers on the line about 45 min after waking up. This has cut out almost all dry time in the dryer other than a little fluff to get them soft at the end of the day (or when it’s raining J).  

Things I didn’t love about cloth diapering on the road:

  • Having diapers all over the car airing out.

  • Not having a diaper sprayer.

Things I LOVE about cloth diapering on the road:

  • I can actually succeed at diapering since I apparently suck with disposables and get leaks all the time when I’ve tried them.
  • Having part of my home routine on the road-makes me feel more comfortable.
  • Being able to coordinate super cute diapers with his outfits when we are on the road visiting people.

Overall the weekend went really well and I had diapers clean and dry when I got home thanks to my new night diaper routine!!

Continue to follow Shannon & Otis on their journey into cloth diapering each week throughout this series of My Baby's First Month in SoftBums!

Check back next week because you don't want to miss an awesome surprise Shannon has made for fellow new moms reading this series ..
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