Friday, November 15, 2013

My Baby's First Month in SoftBums- Shannon- Week 3

Hello again! I’m going on a month and a half of cloth diapering! 

I succeeded with a three day weekend of cloth diapering at Grandma and Grandpa’s and have made it through about 2 weeks with only 2 overnight leaks! Yipee! I have fallen in love with my:
Otis in Moonlight
 and Chocolate mostly because of fit but also how cute they look on Otis’ bum. 

I’ve continued to do daily laundry because I’m too scared to take a chance as Otis isn’t really predictable in his habits yet. I almost find it therapeutic to do my laundry every day right now as it helps me maintain a routine. I initially did laundry in the morning but found it took me too long to get them on the line so I started them now in the night and do the second wash cycle in the middle of the night when I get up to feed so in the AM they are ready to go on the line. I have really enjoyed this routine as I feel like I’m stealing more from nature; the dipes are completely dry at the end of the day on the line and only need a little fluff ;) I have been using Tide Free and Gentle and it seems to do a good job. I don’t get any stink and I’ve been getting great absorbency in the pods.

Parts of CDing I find annoying are;
  • Lugging around my clean and dirty diapers when in town, on the road etc (pic)
  • The challenge of teaching family to apply correctly when most often I am the one dealing with their poor application, leaks and full changes.
  • When I do something wrong and have to change my lil guy

Parts of CDing I LOVE;
  • Feeling happy when I put on diapers heck they do the job, they are cute and they are cheaper!
  • Enjoying the choices of prints, colors and how they go with outfits
  • Adding up all the money I save everyday when I hang my pods on the line and how the dipes are paying themselves off about 30 cents at a time.
  • Knowing I’m supporting a local MN company
  • Feeling like an expert at something and having my family want MY help to learn.
  • Knowing there aren’t chemicals on my lil guy’s bum

I have fallen in LOVE with the Bamboo SuperPods and want more. I think they are so comfortable looking for Otis and I get the best fit!  I get WAY more uses out of each shell because they cover so much of the shell even some BM’s don’t get on the shell.  Right now I have 6 of them as I bought them with the bamboo super sale so I mainly use them for nighttime diapering 3 in the wash and 3 in use. I put one on after Otis’ last evening feed usually with a Moonlight or my Scribble Omni; then another at his 0130 feeding and again at 0430. I have had such a reduction in leaks since I started this routine with my heavy wetting little man.

Things I have learned:

  • Your child learns so quickly to put their legs straight when you apply the diaper even at 5 weeks his legs go straight when I am applying the waist.
  • Make sure the Peter points down………….or leaks WILL happen
  • Diaper sprayers are awesome
  • Get a routine for diapering of all the “check points” (legs, waist, and back) then you’ll have more consistency in successful application.
  • Love your diapers and they will love you back
  • Be patient; cloth diapering is more difficult for a little while until you learn how to do it right, then it is much easier I think……… constantly having to change diapers for size (I’ve heard from some people that different disposables brands are all good at different sizes and weights-how am I supposed to figure all this out?)

I love the fact that I can adjust the inserts quickly, loosen a toggle on the shell and have a good fit in a few minutes and not have to drive 30 min to town just to buy potentially bad diapers!

Continue to follow Shannon & Otis on their journey into cloth diapering each week throughout this series of My Baby's First Month in SoftBums!

Check back next week to see what a day in the life of Otis & Shannon is like.
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