Friday, October 4, 2013

SoftBums SuperFan Giveaways

We love our fans. We really do. That's why we are starting up 2 incentive programs for our fans to win prizes for being an AWESOME FAN!

1. It's a Superfan Leaderboard. The more you participate on our SoftBums Facebook Page, the more points you will get. Each like, comment or share is worth points. If you are interested in participating, follow the link below and join in on the fun. If you are the Top Superfan on the leaderboard on the last day of the month at 2pm you will win! The prize each month will vary.
  • This contest is only open to US & CAN residents 18 yrs of age and older.
  • Participants cannot be a winner back to back months, we still encourage past winners to continue to participate in our posts and facebook wall. Please allow others to have a chance to win. 
  • Please limit your *off* topic facebook wall posts to 2 a day, commenting on our facebook posts is considered on topic posts.
Winner will be posted on the blog the following day at 10am CST and will have 48 hours to claim their prize!

Click here to join this contest:

  • How does the leaderboard work?
The leaderboard scores and ranks fans by the quality of their participation:
  • Higher quality activity on topic posts (commenting, sharing or liking our posts, photos, and links) will earn extra points. Lower quality activity (off topic posting to our wall, commenting several times on the same post) will earn less points.
  • Consistent activity over time is more valuable than repeatedly performing the same action, such as re-tweeting hundreds of tweets in one day.
  • The rankings for each page are calculated once a day.

2. SuperFan Support Incentive: The next program we are starting up is specifically in our SoftBums SuperFan groups on Facebook. Our SuperFan groups are like a fudge, full of sweet goodness with a few nuts, lol. We really love these groups and with over 600 members in this group almost 1500 in BST, We at SoftBums aren't always seeing every post that is asking for advice and troubleshooting especially since we are moms like you who have to make dinner, wash clothes, pick up the house and bring kids to school and find time to sleep somewhere in there..  We're going to try this program out and hopefully to continue each month.
  • We want to invite all of you to help out (just like you always do) but if we catch you doing something REALLY helpful (like sharing, troubleshooting links from our blog/files, sharing product links to, tagging/PM us on posts that may need our attention, or just being nice to someone who is having a hard time) then we're going to reward you!
  • Each month we will reward up to 5 members a $5 off certificate to One reward per person, per month. This includes both our groups, (SoftBums BST page and SoftBums SuperFans group) We will still be involved in this group as much as we alway have, so feel free to tag us.

If you have any questions do comment below!

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