Monday, September 2, 2013

DIY SoftBums Snap Conversion

Got a Diaper Ditcher? Do you need to convert your hook & loop diapers to snaps???

Here is a easy to follow tutorial:

What you will need:
  • Seam Ripper
  • Scissors
  • Snap pliers and Awl (usually comes with pliers)- you can purchase from or buy the babyville brand from JoAnn's
  • Snaps Kam Snaps Size 20
  • Sewing Machine or sewing needle 100% polyester thread
  • Snap Template: Download one here, or Try this one, or make your own!

Take a big GULP and lets get started!

 Steps 1-4:

  • You want to use your seam ripper to take out the hook and loop.
  • Tip: Try to take out the threads along the hook and loop side or the side with the fleece on the tabs. This way you won't snag the PUL.
  • Also carefully remove the SoftBums tag and set that aside.
Step 5)
  • Seam rip the area in the front of the diaper where the toggle access pocket is. It does not have to be very large, but just enough to get your pliers in there. I made mine a little wider because I was replacing elastic too.
 Step 6)
  • Use your template to lay out your snap placement & mark the spot you want the snaps to be with a washable marker.
  • Tip: Using the awl, pre-poke holes in your paper template then lay your template down on the PUL side of the diaper and using your marker just dot the holes.

Step 7)
  • Get your Snaps ready. Separate the studs (male) and sockets (female) snap parts. The female parts (sockets) are what you will use for the front of the diaper where the landing strip used to be. The male parts (studs) will be for the diaper wing tabs.
  • I like to back my snap heads on the inside of the diaper with scrap PUL.
  • Tip: If your diaper is a light color PUL use a light color fabric to back the snap heads, otherwise it will show through!
 Step 8-9)
  • Use your awl to make a hole where one of your marks are. Only poke the hole through the PUL layer, be careful not to poke through the fleece material.
  • Tip: poke the holes starting from the inside to be sure you only go through the PUL layer.
 Step 10-11)
  • Push the prong of your cap through the awl hole in the PUL from the inside of your diaper.
  • Place your socket over the prong on the outside of the diaper.
  • Center it in your snap pliers and firmly squeeze the pliers closed.
  • Tip: The more centered your snap is between the dies, the better the results.
 Step 12)
  • Complete this for the rest of your marks.

Step 13)
  • Now move onto the tabs. I don't mark my tabs until my sockets are in. Once all of the sockets are in I like to line up my tabs with my sockets and then mark them.You can do this or mark them with the template. Its up to you.  
  • After they are marked I take my awl and make my holes. These go all the way through the tabs (pul and fleece).
 Step 14-15)
  • Make sure you use the stud pieces and not the socket ones or they will not snap.
  • If you want cross over snaps on your diaper, add extra sockets (female snaps) to the topside of your tab.
 Step 16)
  • Sew up the front of your diaper following the old top stitch lines. Makes sure not to sew over the pocket, you want to leave that open to access the toggles!
 Step 17)
  • Sew back on the SoftBums tag on the diaper tab.
 Step 18)
  • Yay! You are done! Now just throw it in the wash and do a quick 15-20 min dry on high heat to seal the PUL around the snaps!

If you want to read more information on how to use snaps and pliers click here: or watch this video:

Thanks Abby W. for submitting this great tutorial with pictures & snap template!

Got questions? email us. Got more tips? Comment below, we'd love to hear them!
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  1. Awesome tutorial! I recently posted about how to replace elastic in cloth diapers (although this may not be easily applied to SoftBums' diapers due to the toggle).

  2. is it necessary to back the caps with PUL? I will it pull through without the backing?