Thursday, August 22, 2013

End of Summer Bucket List

In the beginning of summer we put together a Summer Bucket List. Basically things we wanted to do as a family this summer before our oldest son started preschool. 

Here's was our list: (we were ambitious)  

  • Go to the Wave pool 
  • *Elm Creek Beach
  • Take kids to a Drive-in Movie
  • *Take kids Fishing
  • Movie in the park
  • *Prairie park splash pad
  • Waite park splash pad
  • *Ikea kids free lunch Tuesday 
  • *Free movie morning at the theater 
  • Go to the Children's Museum
  • *Como Zoo
  • *County Fair
  • *Farmers Market
  • Watch movies all day on a rainy day
  • *Plant a vegetable garden with the kids
  • *Bike rides to get ice cream
  • Rides at the state fair
  • *Horse races 
  • *Have a Car Wash
  • *Pick berries at a patch
  • *Take the boys to see the raceway
  • *See a Demo derby! 
  • **Camping with grandma & grandpa
  • *Make s'mores
  • *Make sandcastle & moat
  • *Stargaze 

The ones with the stars indicates we checked them off our list!  I think we did pretty good on our first year doing a summer bucket list! 

What was on your list this summer? Did you check off as much as you thought you would? Did you have a special system for keeping track of your bucket list items? 
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