Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fix Your Leaks Week- Day 4, Absorbency

Today is all about Absorbency.

Different pods absorb different amounts. You need to find the right one for each situation. For instance, for our toddler we use large pods for daytime changing every 2-2.5 hours and then use the Superpods with the mini snapped in for bed to have adequate absorption.  Also, you need to accommodate for how much fluid intake your baby is consuming. On hot summer days you might be giving them more liquids causing more wet diapers. Some babies pee little amounts frequently, others hold their bladders and go all at once. All these factors need to be accounted for when choosing the right pod for your baby's needs through-out the day.

Naps & Bedtime Leaks:

Cause: Usually if your having leaking issues at naps and bedtime it can be one of two reasons. Not enough absorbent layers where the urine flows due to gravity, or not enough absorbency for the time length they are sleeping.


  • For a back-sleeper: most of the absorbency is needed for obvious reasons in the middle back. The hourglass shape on the Superpods is designed for this purpose helping cover a bigger surface area in a lying position absorbing as much as possible. If you are already using Superpods you may need to add a mini pod (or two).
  • For a tummy-sleeper: most of the absorbency is needed in the front. Add a mini pod sandwiched between the fold or right behind the end of the pod. If your using a large pod it might be easier to just bump up to the Super pod.
  • For overnights: bump up two levels for absorbency, For example: if your using two mini pods during the day, for night try using a large pod either DryTouch or Bamboo depending on your preference)
  • For a toddler this can be cumbersome. If you have already tried the Bamboo super with two minis and that is not cutting it. Try putting the bamboo super stuffed in the pocket and a DryTouch large snapped in. (natural fibers absorb a lot but it takes them longer. By adding a microfiber (drytouch) pod on top of that it will slow down the flow so that the bamboo has time to absorb the fluid. If you cant do synthetic fibers then next would be to try a bamboo super stuffed and another bamboo super snapped on top. Remember with the more bulk you will need to let out the leg elastic a bit to allow for air flow and to reduce the likelihood of compression leaks.

    If you have ruled out fit issues with shell, leg elastic and pods. It is likely that you may just need to increase your absorbency.

    Here are some charts on what pod you might need to use next. If you don't have all the pods in your stash, when going up in absorbency just go to the next most absorbent one you have. (unless of course if you only have mini pods, then you would need to purchase a more absorbent pod like a large or superpod.) Keep in mind the following: even though two different size pods may have the same absorbency rating it doesn't mean they are the same amount of layers. Age of the pod may be a factor also, if your pods are getting worn out with repeat use after a couple years it may not absorb as much as a brand new fully prepped pod.



    Check back tomorrow to read about Leaks Caused by Clothing.

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