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Fix Your Leaks Week- Day 2, Fit of the Shell


Today is Day 2 of Fix Your Leaks! Topic is: The fit of the diaper shell and how to fix your leaking problems by diaper area.


Common fit problems: 

  • waist too loose
  • legs too tight/loose
  • wings not pulled up high enough to get around top of legs
  • diaper isn't secured with legs in downward position

Problematic Fit Pictures:

Waist too loose: Here is an example of a waist that is too loose & just right.



Legs too tight/ loose: Try this formula to get the best fit custom for your baby:

Click to enlarge

Example of good fitting leg elastic on a newborn

Wings not pulled up high enough: here is an example of a wing droop where the front wing is secured by the tab but the leg elastic is too short causing the wing to droop down on the leg which can cause leaks.


Diaper isn't secured with legs down:


 Lets focus on what is going on and how to fix it by leak area!

Leaks out the top front:

Possible Causes: Waist is not snug enough, Legs are not down when securing the waist tabs causing a gap. Elastic is too short, Rise isn't high enough. Not enough absorbency (when sleeping on tummy) Pod too high.

  • Let out the leg elastic or follow the slide2size formula to size the leg elastic.
  • When changing the diaper make sure the baby's legs are down and not curled up in their lap. If curled up when securing the diaper, once they kick down, the shell will have a gap in the front top. Try to pull legs down when securing the waist tabs, be sure to get a snug fit (tabs crossing over for newborns & skinny belly infants, touching for infants & almost touching toddlers)
  • Be sure to always start the shell in line with baby's belly button to get a high enough rise.
  • Add a mini pod for naps or bed if your child is a tummy sleeper.
  • If the pod is too close to the top of the shell you will get wicking onto clothes out the top of the shell. (Be sure to have the pod end 1 inch below the belly button and have the shell line up over it so that the middle of the aplix strip is in line with the end of the pod.)

Leaks out the top back:

Possible Causes:  Waist could be too loose, Rise isn't high enough in the back, Pod Repelling, Not enough absorbency (when sleeping on back)

  • Start with the shell in line with the baby's belly button, bring the pod up and fold over, while holding the pod down with one hand pull the shell up and over the pod with the other hand. 
  • Be sure to pin down the pod with the shell and that the pod is in line behind the aplix strip on the front of the shell.
  • Be sure to secure the waist tabs snug across the belly.
  • If the pod isn't soaked when your take off the diaper repelling could be the cause and you would need to strip your pods.
  • If they are soaked then you need to add a mini pod or add absorbency somehow to the diaper for naps and bedtime when child is laying down.

Leaks out the legs:

Possible Causes: Legs too loose or too tight, if the leg elastic is too tight this can cause compression leaks (especially in seated position for long periods of time, car seats, bumbos, baby carriers, strollers) Wing drooping, Not enough absorbency, Pod too low in front, Pod not tucked into the shell causing wicking.

  • Let out the legs to fit 2 fingers snuggly between the baby's leg and the shell or follow the slide2size formula to size the leg elastic.
  • Be sure to have the pod up as high as 1 inch below belly button approximately and pinned down with the front of the shell.
  • The shell shouldn't be resting on the thighs (pictured above "wing droop")
  • If the shell doesn't completely cover the pod and edges are exposed this will cause wicking onto clothes, be sure to tuck in all the pod all around the legs when putting on a diaper.

Newborn Poop Leg Leaks:

Cause: Its runny, slick & shoots out fast, its basically butter (churned up breastmilk or formula) the pod in most cases already is saturated with urine or just cannot absorb the stuff in enough time before it rolls down the length of the pod and onto the shell where it quickly finds its way out. If in a seated position can be caused from compression.

  • Putting the shell in the dryer for 15min on high to seal the sewing seams.
  • Changing often (especially with poops)
  • Adding additional absorbency (easy way to add a bit of absorbency without bulk for a newborn, use a baby washcloth or cloth wipe behind the pod).
  • Making sure fit is good -no inserts shifting or legs too tight causing compression leaking.
Even with all of these things, it can still happen but newborns do outgrow this stage (and some never have this issue to start with). When changing the diaper make sure the legs are down and not curled up in their lap. If curled up when securing the diaper, once they kick down, the pod will also go down and leaks will happen.


When LO was really little, we had issues with leaking out the top back of our one Omni. The wetness was wicking to the outside of the diaper because the PUL was rolling under instead of the fleece providing the seal. I eventually figured out that the legs needed to be a little looser so I could pull the rise higher and make sure that only the fleece was against the skin, not letting the PUL roll in. 
~ Sarah D. 

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  1. Can you say a bit more about securing the diaper with the legs down? If my LO's legs are down, then the area between his legs is rather narrow, making it difficult to pull the pod up snugly. Instead, the pod seems to rest below his top-of-the-thigh rolls and then I feel like it turns into "banana crotch". So I always thought I had to try to pull the pod up snugly in his crotch area, which I can only seem to do if his legs are opened at the hips...but this is the opposite of what you suggest.
    I so want to LOVE my SBs, but at this point, I reach for them last in my stash because I can never be sure they won't leak (whereas my other covers simply never leak). Thanks in advance for more info!