Tuesday, July 30, 2013

**I've Got the Golden Diaper- August CB Giveaway** COMPLETE

Introducing.. The August 2013 Calendar Bums


We are doing something completely different and absolutely awesome for August Calendar Bums Giveaway.

 "I've Got the Golden Diaper"

PRIZE: Bamboo SuperPOD

How to Enter:

  1. Simply purchase an August Calendar Bums Shell at SoftBums.com or your favorite SoftBums Retailer. (available August 1st 2013) 
  2. Wait impatiently for your mail to get to your house.
  3. Open your Fluffy Mail
  4. Check the back snap on the shell if it is the MYSTERY color that isn't WHITE YOU ARE THE WINNER, You've Got the Golden Diaper!!
  5. Extra points if you take a video of yourself opening your Fluffy Mail and tag & share it with us on facebook (tag: #SoftBumsGoldenDiaper, @SoftBums), pinterest, (tag: #SoftBumsGoldenDiaper, @softbums) or email.
  6. IF you take a video of yourself opening your fluffy mail and you don't receive the "Golden Diaper" but you still send us your shared video, you will be entered in a drawing via random.org for 2nd place.

 This giveaway will be over once the Golden Diaper has been found. We will announce the winner on this page & post their video if they had one. The Runner up winner will be selected once the Golden Diaper has been found. This may take a couple weeks.
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  1. This is a cool idea! Do we know what the August Calendar Bums shell is yet?

  2. Cool. I wonder what August is, I have to see if they announced it yet.

  3. It's the pink diaper at the top of this post.

  4. Haha love the cool new idea. Just for this cute diaper I would enter into this giveaway. But this post is of August 2013 wonder if they still up with this draw