Friday, May 24, 2013

Flats & Handwashing Challenge -Day 5

What is working, What is not? Day 5:

What's working?

  1. Trim, trim trim.. Flats & SoftBums are a very trim combination!
  2. Flats & handwashing has far less staining & smell cleaner & wash up nicely.
  3. It's easier to know if they are clean (sud free & not stinky) because you visually see them washing out vs periodically opening the washer.

What's not working:

  1. Poop on the floor! Not once but 2x this week so far. Reason, not having enough covers - 1 more shell would be ideal, then I wouldn't be waiting for one to dry while our son decides to soil the carpet!
  2. Not having enough absorbency at night- 2 flat's are ok but its bulky and we are used to our SoftBums OS Bamboo and a mini pod.
  3. Washing at night, bad idea.. For starters I am already exhausted from trying to get our kids to bed. Then trying to handwash is a workout in itself. Washing in the morning works much better then they have all afternoon to dry in the sun.
  4. One flat (I am guessing these Target FST are not the best quality you can get) last us about 1 hour, So I have been having to add half a fst pad folded as a doubler. With this combo he will last about 2-2.5 hours which is good timing for our schedule.

Folds that are working and not:

  1. Pad fold is the best, far less messy poop, easier to clean. Easy to stuff in the Omni for bed.
  2. Airplane & origami & others are great and look very nice under our SoftBums but they do require time to fold them and a cooperative child to put on the diaper it can be frustrating.
  3. The diaper bag fold is nice and convenient to pre-fold and have ready in the "diaper bag" imagine that.. lol

Its really hard to get action shots of this 13 month old.

 Whoa! Only 2 more days left!! This week is actually flying by, must be from all the fun we are having.. lol

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As always thanks for reading!!

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