Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Flats & Handwashing Challenge Day 3

Here are some styles of folding a flat, it may look intimidating at first but I promise if you play around with them a bit you will see its just a square piece of fabric. Nothing scary about that!
Lets start with the easiest and probably most common fold, and work our way down in the number of layers from most to least, I will also list where the most absorbency is on the fold and what type of baby it works best for. Keep in mind the size of all flats aren't the same, so a 29" square might have less absorbent layers than a 36" square or bigger.

Pad Fold:

#12 layer - Same absorbency throughout, good for girls and boys, easy to adjust to fit narrow or wide diapers in the crotch.
#16 layers, Most absorbency in the front, great for boys and heavy wetters.
#12 layers, Most absorbent in front, great for boys and people who store them in a diaper bag.
#9 layers, Most absorbent in the middle, great for girls and newborns.
#8 layers, Same absorbency throughout, good for both girls & boys, easy to add a doubler if needed.
#8 layers, Same absorbency throughout, great for newborns and boy & girl, could add a doubler as well.
#8 layers, Most absorbent in front, for boys
#6-8 layers, Most absorbent in front, for boys
#6 layers, Same absorbency throughout, good for girls and boys & newborns
#6 layers, Most absorbent in middle, good for girls!
#6 layers, Most absorbent in middle, good for girls.
There are also the Kite fold, Corners fold, Triangle fold, & Neat fold but all of these have less than 5 absorbent layers and would only be suitable for a light wetting newborn or infant.

NEW this year Ava fold: by Cloth Diaper Addiction: #9 absorbent layers in the front/ middle, great for girls & boys, contains messes & easy to remove solids.
 Since we have a boy who is 13 months we mainly like the pad fold which is great for stuffing in the Omni's for nights, airplane fold and origami fold with a doubler (for this challenge I am using a FST that is cut in half and pad folded).
Airplane fold

Check back tomorrow to see how our handwashing is going... dondondon..  :)

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As always the heart of this challenge is to shine a light on the fact that there are families struggling to provide clean diapers to their babies and to offer an alternative solution not often discussed when the major media outlets cover these stories. There are diaper banks that can help families get started with cloth diapers for free or little cost. If you know a family or are a family in need please visit Giving Diapers, Giving Hope- the only nationwide diaper lending program that ships to any approved family in the US. I encourage anyone touched by this challenge to donate to their organization and help them provide more diapers to more families.
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