Monday, March 25, 2013

The Future of Cloth Diapers

The Future of Cloth Diapers

by Guest Blogger Briana from Strickly Speaking Blog

When my husband and I found out we were going to be expanding our family there wasn't a doubt in our minds that we were going to use cloth diapers.  We like to save money.  We like to make the planet smile.  And we really like things to be easy.  That's why we chose to cloth diaper.         

In her Bumkins 20 years ago
                My mom did the cloth diaper gig when I was a baby,....23 years ago, and repeated the routine with my younger brother and sister using an All-in-One system.  Now I'm doing the same thing with my five-month old daughter using the SoftBums system and couldn't be happier-or as happy as I can be wiping a little baby booty!
                Comparing the diapers my mom used to my current stash there isn't a huge difference, other than the most important factor that mine are WAY more cute.  With all kidding aside, I do have a few ideas I can see as a possibility in the future of cloth diapering.

Her Daughter in Her SoftBums
                I think in the next 20 years cloth diapering is going to become more mainstream.  I'd love to be able to drive into town and be the first in line for the current Calendar Bum each month as the wait for the mailman sometimes feels like an eternity!  I hope my daughter can drive to a local store and pick up her cloth diapers just like other parents can stop on their way home from work and grab a box of Pampers. 

                My biggest annoyance is when my pods stain.  Now I know that doesn't affect the absorbency which is really the most important thing, but I can't help but cringe when a stain pops up.  And ladies, I know I am not alone! I know the future will bring a material that will scare away any stains thinking about staying past the wash cycle. 

                Germs just hanging out in a wet bag also won't stand a chance.  Nobody likes to mess with, well, that mess that comes along with a baby.  I bet when my daughter is cloth diapering her kids there will be something like a tablet she can just toss in the bag to not only cut down on the stink but break up the germs as well.

                I know this is a long shot, but I think the future holds a universal setting on washing machines set specifically for cloth diapers.  Gone would be the days of leaving your husband detailed instructions to wash your beloved diapers! He could just march himself and the dirty diapers to the washing machine spin the dial and off they go!  Women worldwide could breathe a sigh of relief, knowing their favorite diaper will come out of the washing machine in one clean and perfect piece. 

                Hey, a girl can dream right?
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