Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Felt Christmas Tree Project! Fun and Easy!

A Playful Christmas 

This is reposted from our friends at  Wild + Wee Blog

My pin-to-do ratio on Pinterest is ridiculously bad. But this one just had to be done.

A play felt Christmas tree the wee could decorate over & over again? Yes, please.

The idea is floating all around Pinterest. Some of my favorite versions are here + here + here.

It's perfect to keep toddlers busy at play & away from your real Christmas tree. Plus it's super fast, easy + inexpensive to make - my perfect project!

I spent an enjoyable half hour cutting out the felt Christmas tree + making ornaments while listening to Christmas carols by our real Christmas tree. Easy peasy.

When the wee saw it his whole face lit up in smiles. He was so excited to play with "his" Christmas tree! He especially loved the candy canes, nibbling on them & sharing them with us. It was so cute.

The next morning when he woke up he immediately went to give his little play Christmas tree a hug. We have a tree hugger! *Swoon*

What You'll Need:
• 1/2 yard green felt
• various squares of colored felt for ornaments
• glue gun
• 3M double sided tape to hang

Step 1: Cut out your tree shape from the 1/2 yard of green felt. I freehand drew the shape on the back of the felt using chalk.

Step 2: Cut out various pieces of colored felt for ornaments & the presents, using the glue gun to glue pieces on top of each other for interest. I again freehanded the shapes, cutting them as I went along. The candy canes were cut from a piece of white felt with scrapes of red cut to make stripes. You can also use sticky backed felt if you don't have a glue gun.

Step 3: Hang the felt Christmas tree on the wall using double sided 3M tape (the kind you use to hang posters). Then decorate your tree with the ornaments + presents & let the kids re-arrange to their hearts content. *Felt sticks to felt* so you don't need to use velcro or anything to hang the ornaments.

Total cost of project: Less than $5
Total time to make: 1/2 hour

You can find yards of felt at most fabric stores like JoAnn Fabrics for less than $5/yard. Use a coupon and it's even cheaper! I used extra scrapes of felt leftover from other projects; felt squares can be bought for around 30¢ a square or less at Benjamin Franklin or Michaels.

Kid-friendly, easy on mom + guaranteed to add lots of Christmas cheer.

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  1. Love the idea! I would do it if I had the time. :)

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  3. Wow, it's really cool and cheap idea. And I'm sure kids will be so glad to have such a Christmas tree. And felt is really soft and good to touch. What is more cool - you can use this tree in years, before it became too old. Just wash it and that's all. I think I would do such for my children. Maybe I can make them busy for some time and will have time to find appropriate translation service at least