Thursday, September 27, 2012


Two brand NEW PODS coming to SOFTBUMS!!
We are so excited to finally introduce the newest members of our SoftBums family to our customers!!

One-Size DryTouch SUPER Pod

This Pod formerly known as "The Super" has been totally redesigned with new exciting features, same high quality fabrics, and of course the same unbeatable absorbency!
You'll want this Pod if you are having a newborn and just starting out with your cloth diapering journey, or if you've been struggling to find the perfect balance between Easy, Trim, Absorbent, and Versatile. This Pod does it all!!!!!!
Now available for purchase in singles or in 6 packs at a discounted price. Visit to learn more.

Large Bamboo Pod

We are also introducing our brand new Large Bamboo Pod!!!
We've taken the trimness and absorbency of the One-Size Bamboo Pod and combined it with the great features of the Large DryTouch Pod to come up with a trim, easy to use option that we're sure you'll love! Get one today!!!!!
Available today! Visit to learn more.
Now available for purchase at your favorite SoftBums retailer or
Check out all the SoftBums Pod options HERE!!
Thank you,
The SoftBums Team
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