Monday, August 13, 2012

Replacing your Hook and Loop in SoftBums

I thought I would post a quick DIY on replacing H&L for those of you who want to try it on your own.

It isn't hard.  

All you need for tools is a seam ripper, a little pair of scissors, cornstarch and of course a machine.  Nothing fancy, it just needs to do a simple straight stitch and not be too angry about sewing H&L (some have tempers-mine HATES tulle).  

Use 100% polyester thread (most are except quilting, but check your spool first)
Use a simple straight stitch throughout the DIY
Use a ballpoint needle

Step 1:
Carefully remove all H&L with your seam ripper.  A little scissors will work but it is about 10 times harder, pick up a seam ripper at your local craft store for a few bucks, it will save your frustration and your diapers.

When possible remove the H&L from the microfleece side, this will help prevent any accidental holes in the PUL.  

Step 2:
This is probably the hardest part, only because it is SUPER easy to put a hole in your PUL.  You need to open the front of the diaper.  Just along the top edge because you will need to get in there to put the H&L back on with your machine.  

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