Sunday, August 26, 2012

DIY replacing back elastic

So, this is a DIY on how to replace your BACK elastic in your SoftBums.

What you'll need:
Seam ripper/Little Scissors
Sewing machine that can do a simple straight stitch
Replacement kit from SoftBums (check your toggles and tell them if you need new toggles too) OR
1/4" BRAIDED elastic 1-6" piece

Replacement snap for the back
Wire cutter or similar tool for snap removal

Step 1:
Using a seam ripper, take out the back seam.  This can be done without turning the diaper. 
Remove elastic

Step 2:
Remove the snap.  I am pretty sure there is an actual tool made for doing this, but I happen to have a wire clipper laying around so I use that. It works fine for me.

The thing is here, take your time.  These can be a bugger to get off.  What I do is just start clipping away at the cap of the snap.  Being sure to stay away from the PUL or MF.

TIP: throw on your sunglasses and/or keep it pointing away from you as you clip.  The snaps can be brittle and shatter.  I got a projectile to the eye doing this and learned the hard way.  Learn from my mistake.  Be careful!

 If that doesn't work, go for the inside.  Clip this like slicing a pizza and it will come out from around the peg.

Just the post showing, now I just cut the end and pull the post out.  

 Step 3:
Turn diaper inside out.  You can do this thru the big hole in the back that you just made, however, I suggest flipping it through the hole in the front.  And yes it can be done.   Carefully.  If you want you can slit a few stitches on the front to make it easier, but I promise it can be done.  See video below!

If you flip it through the hole in the front, it will be easier to flip it back because you don't need to pull the front elastic through.

Step 4:
Sew on new elastic.  Placing it where the previous one was, start off the elastic about 3-5 stitches and back-stitch, then place elastic under presser foot, sew on the elastic about 4 stitches and back-stitch.  Then stretch the elastic, holding the fabric in front and behind the elastic and you'll need to gently help it through the machine since you're pulling the elastic.

TIP: Do not cut your elastic to length.  Leave it long and cut it after its sewn, it will save you a headache and stitched fingers.



At the end back stitch, clip your elastic while your needle is down, then stitch off the end 3-5 stitches and back-stitch.  Make sure you sew the back up all the way.

Step 5:


I have a good video how to flip your diaper, but my computer won't upload it.  I'll post it in a different post as soon as it will let me publish it.  :-/
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  1. Hello. I couldn't find the video tutorial. Where you ever able to post it? Thanks!