Friday, August 17, 2012

DIY Replace your Leg Elastic

So, this is a DIY on how to replace your LEG elastic in your SoftBums.

What you'll need:
Seam ripper/Little Scissors
Sewing machine that can do a simple straight stitch
Replacement kit from SoftBums (check your toggles and tell them if you need new toggles too) or
1/4" BRAIDED elastic 2-15" pieces
Small safety pin

Step 1:
Using your seam ripper cut about every other stitch.  

 Again, whenever possible I recommend you seam rip on the microfleece side to be sure you don't poke holes in your PUL.  Clip the stitches going across (on top in below pic) and down the elastic casing about 1".  Do this on each leg.

Step 2:

Cut your old elastic off, and remove toggles. 
Flip your diaper inside out through the toggle access in the front (yes it USUALLY fits).  Be gentle and go slow.  When you get to the HnL tabs fold them and slide them through individually.  If your diaper has an extra small access hole, you may need to use your seam ripper and cut it just a little bit so you can flip it.  If you do this, just edge stitch it back up when your done, back stitching at the ends (See HnL replacement).

This is what it looks like flipped inside out.  Weird I know. 

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