Friday, August 24, 2012

Details on the Bamboo

SoftBums offers several different types of Pods, I will take some time and explain the differences between them, and then compare absorbency. 

Tell me about Bamboo:

These are a blend of 70% Organic Bamboo and 30% Organic Cotton fibers which is then topped with a super soft Organic Bamboo Velour (OBV).  The top is super soft and provides some stay dry effect.  Being an all natural fiber they will shrink.  Do not worry when you pull them out of the package and they seem HUGE, they shrink up to fit perfectly in your SoftBums' shells.  Another pro is all natural fibers do not expand when wet, thus they have a super trim fit and are very resistant to compression leaks!  Natural fibers are also great for babies who are rash prone, they are sensitive skin friendly. 

A couple things to be aware of.  1) because they shrink, the top may become wrinkled.  This can be helped by stretching the inserts after washing (while wet) and letting them air dry.  After dry throwing them in the dryer to "fluff up" will make them super soft again (try adding tennis balls or wool balls to soften them up more).  2) Natural fibers do not expand when wet, however, they do become almost kinda "stiff" which is how it holds moisture.  3) Natural fibers tend to stain easier, but they also tend to sun out better. 


Organic Bamboo One Size Pods.   

After shrinking the pod is 21.5 inches long, 5 inches wide at the narrow end, and 7.25 inches at the widest part of the flare.  
Color: Cream
Dry weight: 106 grams
Wet weight: 389 grams
Since 1mL of water is just about exactly 1 gram, this pod holds 283mL of water (yes urine has a different specific gravity, density and weight, but for our purposes, it gives us a good idea).  That's 3.7 times its weight!

These pods are extra long so when put on baby, you can fold it where you need the absorbency, in front for boys, under for girls.  These pods will fit baby from birth until potty training.  These are the "Cadillac" of pods.  

Staying with the Organic Bamboo, lets look at the Organic Bamboo Minis.

The main difference, other than size, between the One Size OBV pod is that the mini's are not topped with velour.  The Mini pods are 3 layers of the same 70% Organic Bamboo and 30% Organic Cotton blend fabric.  Even though they do not have the OBV on top, they are still super soft (similar to t-shirt fabric) can be placed next to baby's skin without worry, and are super small to be used with newborns, or great for doublers for heavy wetters or for things like long car rides, trips, outings, naps, or bedtime, etc.  

After shrinking the pod is 10.5 inches by 3 and 7/8 inches.  

Color: Cream
Dry Weight: 29.5 grams

Wet Weight: 108 grams
That's 78.5 mL of water!!!  3.7 times its own weight!!!

One thing I personally love about these pods is there is less repelling issues.  At least from my experience.  Look how nicely they absorb fast flowing water!

Curious about how bamboo is turned into fabric?  Read about it in a previous post here.  Rest assured SoftBums always purchases fabric that was produced as eco-friendly as possible.

Interested in microfiber pod details!  Keep checking, it will be posted soon!

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