Thursday, July 19, 2012

SoftBums How To:

Clean your Hook and Loop

I think I saw this on our FaceBook page, somebody was wondering how to clean out the Hook and Loop on their diapers.  

This is the easiest way for sure.

I found this kind of funny.  I am not one to nit pick over my diapers.  They are poo catchers-they are cute and fluffy and I love them, but I use them hard-and generally do not fuss over little imperfections--as long as they catch poop, I am happy!  

So this afternoon, I wanted to write a little post on cleaning out hook and loop-well, I forgot, put kids down to nap (where the diaper stash is) and did not want to risk waking anybody up since we have family pictures this afternoon and everybody needs their rest.  I had set out a couple covers for the photoshoot, one of which is a lilac and the other a Miss Kitty.  The lilac is pretty new and the H&L is clean, crossing my fingers the Miss Kitty would produce an at least semi fuzzy hook and loop I opened the laundry tab, and BINGO!!! 

Look what I found!

No joke.  I didn't drag it across the floor or dig lint out of my belly button for's how it is.  

I am sure most of my fuzzies come from our cloth wipes because our wipes, are rags and the edges on all of them aren't serged and they fray.  And, note the long hair...yep, that's mine.  I shed like a banshee these days and apparently it all goes into the diapers?  No idea, but that's what my diaper tabs look like.  Still works fine or I would have noticed it was full!  LOL  

So all you need to do this is a comb.  You can get A LOT of it out by just using your fingers--but your fingers will get raw picking lint out of a bunch of diapers.  So if you're sitting down to clean a bunch of them, grab a comb.  I honestly, learned this from my anal retentive grandma (Love you Grandma) when I was about 8.  Grandma's tricks are best.

Guess what you do next?  Yep, just use the comb to comb out the lint.  

WARNING: Be careful you don't comb too much, too hard, or pull straight out because you don't want to un-hook the hookers (LOL) on the H&L.  Be gentle.

This is what it looks like when you're all done!  Not too shabby!?

Here is all my lint from one tab.  

Give it a try!

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  1. someone also suggested to me to use a snappi.
    Mine get so full of stuff that they won't close - and yes, I close them before each wash :)

  2. I use the hooks on a snappy and found that works great to. But the old baby hospital combs is what is our tool of choice!

  3. I used to sit with my H&L dipes and pull each piece of lint out with a needle while watching TV. It would take an entire movie to get through all my dipes and my fingers always paid the price. Great tip!