Friday, July 20, 2012

Realizing that...

My children are CRAZY!

They don't sit still!  I get comments all the time like "your kids are busy", "how do you keep up?", "you don't really need to go to the gym since you have these 2"  

No joke.

We attempted to have family pictures yesterday...not quite a fail, but close--not because of her, but my kids!!!  They weren't naughty, just busy!  RUNNING EVERYWHERE!

Our Photographer was from and was wonderful!  She was so calm and was not deterred by our active family, she worked right along with us, stayed positive and encouraging, and we resorted to bribing with M&M's toward the end.  

I am sure she got some great shots of us and the kids, but I can only imagine the out takes she has on her SD cards right now.  I am sure I am making some weird faces, that I really don't want to see.  HA!  

She posted this one on her facebook fan page last night, this is probably the only photo where the kids would stay with us.  Only because we are holding on to them (and yes, they love this).  I love this photo because it is us.  Completely us.  Mason was laughing his head off, Mari is laughing trying to pull her way back up my leg, Jon is goofy, and I am just watching it all unfold.  This is my family, and I love them. 

(Can you see Mari's blueberry under her skort?)

Thank you Danielle, I can't wait to see what else you captured!

If you live in Minnesota, check her out!  She is an amazing lady with an amazing talent! StumbleUpon
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