Monday, July 23, 2012

Clean Mama Printables Giveaway-

I hardly ever enter giveaways because I never win.  I entered one because I am an organizing freak and these looked like they were right up my ally.  I entered then forgot about it.  I never win anything.  Serious.  If there were 5 entries and 4 won prizes, I wouldn't win.  Just how it is.

Well, I WON!  $25 to spend in her Clean Mama Printables Etsy Shop!

I picked out my prize and it showed up in my inbox about three minutes later.  They. are. awesome!  

I started thinking the momma's on this blog would love them so I asked if she wanted to do a giveaway on our blog too!?  

She has generously offered up TWO $25 shop credits for her Etsy store and wanted to share a 20% off coupon, 20Softbums for our wonderful readers!  

So what are these you ask?

Becky has put together organizational kits for many, many different things, from nutrition and weight loss to home maintenance logs.  They are logical, easy to use and read, and cute.  

With my $25 credit I picked up the "New Busy Mama Kit".  It has 19 different organizational forms and all super super useful.  Here is her description from her store:

The ALL NEW Busy Mama Kit includes:

*Today – a daily planner with a schedule, mini to do list, notes section and dinner box
*Flexible Weekly Docket – cute checkboxes with don’t forget, calls and emails section 
*Schedule for the Week – track your day and week in half hour increments 6am-midnight
*Perpetual Calendars (2) – aqua and lime 
*Household Food Inventory – keep track of the food in your house
*Shopping List – 2 check-boxes per item (coupons, quantities, or in your cart)
*All Over, Everywhere Shopping List – perfect for those multiple errand shopping trips
*Monthly Cleaning Checklist – blank month and blank sections so you can fill in your own rotating cleaning tasks
*To Do List – three columns so you can fill in you to dos
*Before I Forget – never forget a milestone again – just keep a running list
*In Case of an Emergency – write down simple emergency information and have it in a handy spot, just in case
*Weekly Family Schedule – never forget a class or play date
*Card + Gift Record – keep track of cards and gifts sent
*Important Dates to Remember – never forget an anniversary or birthday again
*Appliance Maintenance Log – a great way to keep track of when you serviced or fixed your appliances
*Automobile Maintenance Log – no more oil changes at 8,000 miles – keep track!
*Insurance Policies – write down all your insurance policies so you never let a premium lapse
*Family Medical Information – keep your family’s medical information on one page

These are wonderful tools, I think most Mom's can agree would help in every day-to-day living!

Please enter below for your chance to win!

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  1. I love my Softbums and would love to finally win something!

  2. I would love to see something tropical, like hawaiian print!

  3. SPORTS!!! MN TWINS print diaper (ya, i know in my dreams, lol)

  4. I'm new, so I dont know the prints well. But I love owls for girls. I'm addicted!

  5. I like ocean stuff--fish, whales, seahorses, anything fun like that.

  6. Skulls!! :)
    Melissa Anne

  7. Elephants! I agree with the vote for Elephants.

  8. PIRATE!!! arghh matey!
    what kind of socks do pirates wear?
    Arrrgyle lol

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