Friday, July 20, 2012

About me...

My name is Megan.  There are 2 Megan's that work for SoftBums.  A Megan S and a Megan B.  I am Megan S, Megan B is your contact for customer service!  

I just turned 29, I am married to a wonderful man named Jon, and we have 2 kids.  Mason is 3 (3/31) and Mari will be 2 on 10/3.  My kids are the light of my life and my husband is our rock!  

Between Jon and I we have interests in almost anything.  I am big into the outdoors, camping, fishing, skiing, water skiing, hunting, fixing, anything I can get my hands on I like to try.  I am not very out going, pretty quiet and laid back until I am comfortable in my surroundings.  I graduated from a high school about an hour north of where we live now and my parents both live in the area.  Right out of college I attended the University of MN-Duluth and graduated in 3 years with a Bachelor of Science in Cellular Biology, Chemistry and Genetics.  I went down to Mayo Clinic in Rochester and started working.  

I worked in a Biochemical Genetics Laboratory down there for 3 years.  This lab was super interesting because the big wig was super famous (in the chemistry world) and taught me a lot. I met Jon in 2007 and in 2008 we moved up to the Minneapolis area.  I began working at a small laboratory which researched generic drugs and then lost my job in January 2010.  Two weeks after loosing my job we found out I was pregnant and I then decided to stay home for a while with both the kids.  

I finished up a couple general education requirements in the next year and last fall I was accepted into the nursing program at a local school.  I start back in about a month for my last 2 semesters.  I have long term goals of becoming a midwife hopefully servicing central Minnesota and low income families.  

I began working for SoftBums after I bought my first set of diapers from Sarah in 2009 (2 pumpkin, 2 ocean, 2 lime) I would help with blog posts and other things.  Life got busy and I didn't have much time to help her out anymore, but then after I lost my job I had more time and am back helping!  I wish I could do this full time!  

Currently my days are filled with arts and crafts, outdoor fun, YMCA visits, swimming at my dads, marriage counselling, SoftBums, Blog Posting, cleaning, and sewing.  I love my life, I love my family and would have it no other way!  

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