Sunday, June 3, 2012

June Calendar Bum Giveaway Enter Here!

We are trying something new this month!  

To enter to win your June Calendar Bums all you need to do is complete the crossword puzzle below!  Once completed email me ( your answers, text format 1-23 and submit a comment to the blog saying you emailed me your answers.  I will pick a winner next Sunday 6/10/2012.

The winner will get a June Calendar Bums Solo Pack!  

Want to Print the Puzzle? Click here

2. The original SoftBums diaper
3. The absorbent part of the pod
7. Another name for Velcro
9. The smallest SoftBums pod for the smallest babies are called ________ pods.
11. April Calendar Bum Color
13. What is on June's calendar bum?
15. is SoftBums' blog
21. AI2
22. A must have for using cloth diapers on the go
23. February Calendar Bum Color

1. What makes Softbums sizing unique?
3. what state is SoftBums based out of
4. What fabric keeps baby feeling dry?
5. SoftBums mascot
6. What is hidden in the SoftBums diaper to make them adjust to any baby?
8. What the Omni has that the Echo doesn't
10. The inside of the SoftBums system
12. CDer's term for their collection of diapers
14. The outside of the SoftBums system
16. The pod made just for stuffing the Omni
17. Never use fabric_______ when washing your cloth diapers
18. An adoring synonym for cloth diapers
19. The other closure option for SoftBums other than Hook and Loop.
20. An item that makes cleaning dirty diapers into the toilet easier

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  1. I e-mailed my answers. Thanks—it was fun!

  2. Done and sent! That was fun! Good idea Megan!

  3. Done and email sent! Great idea, I even had to trace out the puzzle from my computer screen because I ran out of printer :)

  4. This was a fun idea! Thanks! I sent my answers in!

  5. I sent my answers. That was fun, but some were pretty tough!

  6. Sent! You got me on a couple of em lol but that's because I over think everything! lol

  7. ANSWERS SENT! It was kinda tough!!! :)

  8. I emailed in my answers :-) I thought it was pretty easy, but I am obsessed with fluff!

  9. I emailed my answers! How fun!

  10. aah, number 9 drives me crazy. thought i know the answer, but it does not fit in with the rest. all other questions were ok, but it always has to be one...

  11. I emailed my answers - that was fun :-)

  12. Sent! Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Thanks for the giveaway! Sent my answers!

    ducksoup at wamego dot net

  14. Emailed the answers. I love crosswords! Thanks!

  15. Sent. Thanks for the giveaway

  16. Emailed the answers! Would love a cow omni! Very cute!

  17. emailed my answers! susanne wedel

  18. I just sent my answers! Thanks!

  19. Just sent my answers!!!
    Stephanie O.

  20. Answers sent! I'm not going to lie, it took me a while. I'm new to cloth diapering and these fun patterns make it easy for anyone to make the switch. Good luck all!

  21. Sent my answers! Thanks!! -Sarah Fillman

  22. Sent in my answers! Thanks so much!

    huntermb3 at gmail dot com

  23. I'm new to the cloth diapering so a couple of them took me a little while... but answers are now emailed!

  24. I e-mailed my answers! Even knowing all the products, remembering all the terms without looking was tough at times :)

  25. I emailed my answers - that was fun!

    Jodi J

  26. Sent my answers.

  27. Just sent in my answers.. thanks, that was fun!