Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When it rains, it Pours.

This seems to be the trend in my life...when one thing is going down the....you know, everything seems to follow.

As my previous posts have documented, life is stressful right now.  So, I deal with stress by hitting the gym.  The kiddos and I went this morning, just like 3-4 days of the week, after my 3 year old asked if we could get some french fries.  I figure, why not, special treat, he has been really good.  So, since I am addicted to Diet Pepsi, I figure Arby's would be a good place to hit.  

Leave the Y and am at a stop light.  Light turns green and **BAM, CLUNK, CA-BLEWY*** the back end of my car makes a horrible noise.  Slowly progress, easing on the gas seems ok, then another, less noticeable clunk, followed by a *HISSSSSSS*.  Many many words are rolling through my head.  I make it to a parking lot, thankfully close to the french fries I promised the 3 year old.  Flat tire, gaping hole, 2 kids, hot day=awesome.  

Too bad this guy didn't show up, that would have made Mason's day!

My only brother, is a FAN-FREEKING-TASTIC insurance agent here in MN.  Let me tell you, I am thinking a relative as an insurance agent is probably better than most other professions!  It's great, and he is great at his job and I love him to death.  Another bonus, his wife Dawn works there too so I never call and talk to somebody I don't know. 

I call and Dawn answers, I get road side service all set up and they say 30 minutes and they will be there.  Enough time to wonder over to Arby's and eat the required french fries (or as Mason says "PoooP EYES"), they call when they are there, I run over and I have to take 1 of 2 carseats out so they can get the tools out from under.  Mean while the kids are having a hay day playing in the front seat, I am pretty sure my car is dialing Tokyo and learning french from all the buttons being simultaneously pushed.  But whatever, they are happy and not running out into traffic and aren't even screaming.  

The best is yet to come when they tell me that the "Pile de-la crud" that holds the spare under my truck is broke and cant get it out from under my car so he will have to tow me.  I am pretty sure this is the best news my son could hear, which means we got to go for a ride in the tow truck.  4 miles down the road the mechanic I've taken my truck to for a year was able to rip it out of there and get my spare on.  While I was running around the parking lot/median like a crazy woman trying to entertain/wrangle 2 small children. It was an awesome morning.

Home now-3 hours after we should have been, tired children and tired mom.

All I have to say is, that stash o-stuff in my car saved me!  Extra diapers, extra juice, snacks, money, etc.  Think about stashing one in your car!  It comes in handy!

I need a drink.

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