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Cloth Diaper Hop Giveaway

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Are you a mom? Do you love cloth diapers?
Here’s your chance to win $1300 of cloth diapers for Mother’s Day!
Plus, enter nearly 100 other fluffy giveaways for many more
chances to win cloth diapers and accessories!
Welcome to the Mother’s Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop
hosted by Daily Mothering!
Nearly 100 blogs have linked up for this event to bring you dozens and dozens of exciting cloth diaper giveaways. Enter the GRAND PRIZE giveaway below and then hop to the other blogs listed at the bottom of this post to enter their fluffy giveaways too! Each blog has a cloth diaper prize valued at $15 or more, and many blogs have prize packs worth over $100.
The Grand Prize is $1350 worth of cloth diapers and accessories, including 37 Cloth Diapers, a Beco Gemini Baby Carrier, a Maggie Recycled Seatbelt Diaper Bag, a Thirty-One Retro Metro Bag, 2 pairs of Project Pomona Jeans (made to fit over cloth diapers), Babylegs Legwarmers and Socks, an organic baby outfit and many cloth diaper accessories!
Everything pictured here will go to ONE lucky winner:
To enter, use the Rafflecopter form near the bottom of this post!

A special thank you to my wonderful sponsors:

(and a little more info about the prizes you could win!)
The Ultimate Green Store
The Ultimate Green Store is your one-stop green shopping destination! For this event, they are sponsoring a Maggie Bags Recycled Seatbelt Diaper Bag (light tan), G-Diapers 2 Pack G-Pants Reusable Diaper Covers (winner chooses color/size), and pack of G-Diapers Flushable Diaper Inserts (winner chooses size).

Pure & Simple Baby
Pure & Simple Baby offers a wide selection of cloth diapers and organic baby products. They are sponsoring a Beco Gemini Baby Carrier (winner chooses print)!

Green Bees Diapers
Green Bees Diapers makes cute cloth diapers and accessories at affordable prices! They are sponsoring a large cloth diaper bundle for this event, including 1 dozen cloth wipes, 1 pack wipe bits, 16 oz detergent, 2 solid diapers, 4 print diapers, 1 minky diaper and 1 pair of legwarmers. Winner chooses colors/prints.

GoGreen Diapers
GoGreen Diapers offers adorable one-size cloth diapers and the innovative Adapt-A-Snap that converts snap diapers to aplix! For this event, they are sponsoring 3 Champ 2.0 diapers, 1 wet/dry bag, and a set of 3 Adapt-A-Snaps. Winner chooses colors/prints.

WeePantz Cloth Diapers
WeePantz are cute, cozy, and absorbent cloth diapers made by a WAHM in Australia! She is sponsoring a OSFM Diaper and Changing Mat (winner’s choice of color/print).
Kelly Wels is the author of Changing Diapers: The Hip Mom’s Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering. She is sponsoring a copy of her wonderful book and 2 Rumparooz G2 One-Size Diapers with snap closures (winner chooses colors/prints).

Project Pomona
Project Pomona makes pants and jeans specially designed to fit over fluffy cloth diapers! They are sponsoring 2 pairs of “My Pomonas” jeans (winner chooses style and size).

Softbums are incredibly soft one-size cloth diapers that feature the Slide2Size adjustment system instead of bulky rise snaps. I love their diapers! They are sponsoring an Omni ShellEcho Shell, and 3 Super DryTouch Pods. Winner chooses colors/prints and closures of shells.

Booty Buns Cloth Diapers
Booty Buns Cloth Diapers makes one-size cloth diapers that fit an incredible size range (from itty bitty to 45+ lbs), and for every diaper they sell, they give one of their cloth diapers to a baby in need. They are sponsoring a pack of 2 Booty Buns diapers, which includes 2 diapers, 4 inserts, 2 liners and 2 handmade cloth wipes. Winner chooses diaper colors.

Kissed By The Moon
Kissed By The Moon is a wonderful cloth diaper retailer that offers a wide selection of cloth diaper and accessories. They have free shipping on any order and constantly have coupon codes and sales. They are sponsoring a Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0Applecheeks Envelope Cover, and Fuzzibunz One-Size Elite cloth diaper. Winner chooses colors/prints.

BabyLegs makes incredibly cute legwarmers and socks that go perfectly with cloth diapers and any baby/toddler outfit! They are sponsoring 3 sets of legwarmers and 4 pairs of socks for this event. Winner chooses boy/girl/gender neutral and size.

Baby Bunz & Co.
Baby Bunz & Co. offers a beautiful selection of natural baby basics — everything from cloth diapers, organic clothing, toys, gifts and more. They are sponsoring a Top Tomato Veggie Romper and matching Red Veggie Hat, along with a Bummis Super Brite Cover. Winner chooses print of diaper and size of outfit and diaper.

Tiny Owl Natural Living
Tiny Owl Natural Living is a fantastic online shop for all your eco-friendly needs! They are temporarily going out of business but hope to be back someday soon! They are sponsoring a Thirsties Duo AIO Cloth Diaper, a 6 pack of Thirsties Fab Wipes, 8 ozThirsties Booty Luster, and 2 oz Thirsties Booty Love.

Oh Katy
Oh Katy makes great trim-fitting one-size cloth diapers in a variety of great colors! They are sponsoring a pack of 3 Oh Katy cloth diapers and the winner will get to choose colors.

Mommy of Two Little Monkeys
Mommy of Two Little Monkeys is an awesome mommy blog owned by a friend of mine, Amanda! She is a Thirty-One Gifts Consultant and is sponsoring a Thirty-One Retro Metro Bag in Lotsa Dots print, which makes for a perfect diaper bag.

Lotus Bumz
Lotus Bumz offers super cute cloth diapers that fit great! They are sponsoring 3 Lotus Bumz cloth diapers for this event, including 1 Retro, 1 Ladybug and and 1 Periwinkle Twinkle.

Wee Little Changes
Wee Little Changes is an online natural parenting store that sells cloth diapers and much more! They have free shipping on any order! They are sponsoring a Grovia Hybrid Test Pack which includes 2 Grovia Shells and a 50 Pack of Biosoakers. Winner chooses shell closures and colors/prints.

Thirsties is a very well-known and beloved diaper brand that makes several different kinds of cloth diapers and accessories. They are sponsoring 2 Thirsties Duo Diapers and 1 set of Hemp Inserts. Winner chooses sizes, diaper closures and colors/prints.

And to top it off…

Daily Mothering and many other wonderful blogs have also pitched in a little for the Grand Prize and are sponsoring 2 Bumgenius Freetime AIO One-Size Cloth Diapers with snap closures (1 in Albert and 1 in Lovelace print) along with a Sustainablebabyish Snapless One-Size Fitted Cloth Diaper with lemon serging!

Win it all!

This giveaway ends at 11:59 EST on May 12th, 2012.
Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.
If you have not yet signed in to the new Rafflecopter forms, use either your Facebook account OR your name and email address to sign in. Click “Do It” for instructions on how to complete each entry. Complete the first entry to unlock all the rest of them.
The more entries you submit, the better odds you have of winning!!
This giveaway is open to US only.

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  1. jemedley73@gmail.comMay 2, 2012 at 8:53 AM

    This is amazing! What a grand mother's day gift for a lucky mama!

  2. Aw, I don't see the rofflecopter entry box to enter :'(

    1. Nevermind... Didn't click the picture - DOH! :}

  3. Awww. Too bad the grand prize isn't open to Canada. :0(

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  5. Oohhh, I did the same thing as Liz, I didn't realize I had to click over to the other blog! Got it. Apparently that is the first line in this post, I didn't even start reading anything until after the big picture at the top, didn't even see the first line! Sheesh.