Monday, April 23, 2012

Why I love Purex Free and Clear

At our house we use Purex free and clear for our diapers.  I love it.  

I have tried others but go right back to Purex.

The ingredients are one reason I love it, which I will address in a minute, but I LOVE it for other reasons like:

I can buy it almost anywhere, I don't have to buy it online and pay for shipping, I HATE paying for shipping...I don't do it.
It is cheap, $5.77 for a "66" load bottle
It lasts forever-A little goes a long way
It is commercially produced.  This is a plus because I know it is controlled.  I know that I won't get a batch that is bad and will ruin my diapers.

Best of all:
It works

The ingredients:

1. Water
2. Alcohol Ethoxy Sulfate (cleaning agent specifically to break up oil based stains)
3. Sodium Carbonate (Water Softener-no need to add your own water softeners if you have hard water-this is not a fabric softener)
4. Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate (Linear alkylbenzene is a family of organic compounds which is emerging as the dominant precursor of biodegradable detergents)
5. Sodium Chloride (aka table salt--controls the thickness of the detergent)
6. Alcohol Ethoxylate (Used as an emollient and emulsifier-to remove those nasty stains)
7. Sodium Polyacrylate (thickener for detergent)
8. Fatty Acids (controls the detergent so it doesn't get too bubbly)
9. Disodium Diaminostilbene Disulfonic Acid (Fabric brightener)
10. Tetrasodium EDTA (It makes hard water become soft. As water makes its way through the water cycle, it sometimes picks up metal ions such as calcium and iron. These metal ions can make water hard, which is a problem because hard water won't get you clean.  Again, not a fabric softener)
11. Methylisothiazolinone ( Methylisothiazolinone may be used in cosmetics and personal care products alone, or it may be used in combination with Methylchloroisothiazolinone. In cosmetics and personal care products, Methylisothiazolinone may be used in the formulation of hair products, shampoos, skin care products, bath products, eye and facial makeup, and suntan products.)

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  1. Question, I have read on a few different websites that "free and clear" detergents are not recommended for cloth diapers because they leave an oily residue that will build up and cause repelling and leaks. Have you heard this before and if so, is Purex excluded from that "rule"?

  2. How much per diaper load do you use? I always get confused with regular detergents versus diaper detergents on how much to use. Regular washer, not HE.

  3. I can't find the Free & Clear Purex in my area. Is scented ok, or should I just order it?

  4. Ang:
    When I emailed softbums about a detergent that is safe for their diapers that's not powdered they reccommended this one off the bat. I too have read that "free and clear" detergents shouldn't be used, but I'm not sure why, considering it means they have no whiteners, brightners, softners, scents, or soap; just plain old detergent. I'm sure it's fine for your softbums and all your other diaper needs :)

  5. We use the recommendations from Pin Stripes and Polka Dots ( for detergents. Purex Free and Clear is recommended and we use just 1/4 of a lid when washing our diapers. It's worked great. Now that they have changed to a newer version of free and clear I found good information on this page for the ingredients, which leads me to believe it will continue to work well.