Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Review Writing

My quarter year resolution is to review products I use more often. 

When shopping for a new product...Cloth Diapers, Toys (today I am searching for "Cranky the Crane" for my son's train set), breast pump, every day items what do you turn to to know you're getting a good product?

I, personally, read reviews.  I love seeing what other people say about the product, not necessarily the good reviews, but the bad.  I want to see what people think could be improved on the item. Sometimes I think people are a little finicky, but if I bought the product knowing  that Cranky's head comes off, I am less likely to look at it as a negative, but more as a "I knew that was going to be part of the item".  

Have you heard of review lists for services?  Like Angie's List or others like this!  Awesome for knowing if the plumber you're letting in is going to be a slob or a neat freak.  Sure, hire them for their quality of work, but it's nice to know if you should lay down some dirty sheets for him to do his work on so there is less of a mess for you at the end of the day.  Shopping smarter ends up saving time and money in the end.  My husband always laughs at the new thing I am researching.  Seriously, I'll spend days looking for the best deck stain or lawn thatching service.  But the thing is I am always happy with the service I get.

This goes for everything.  I need a new computer and am looking into a new desktop to go with my laptop, I go straight to reviews.

The problem.  I always buy off of reviews of others but I myself never take the time to go review them.  I am busy, and I am sure you are too, but lets help other moms, dads, etc out there and review products.  It is funny to me that I can go online to look at computer reviews and there are only 28 for a dell computer I am looking at.  I know sure well there are thousands of people who own that computer.  Tell me if you like it or hate it, what needs to be improved.  Plus, if we say it enough, companies listen!

On the same note...buyer be-ware!  If you use your favorite search engine and type in something like "Piano Repair" don't assume just because the item is in the first 5 to show up that they are good (I have no idea what will come up if this search is done, just pulling one out of thin air).  Now, they may be the best company ever or they may not.  Usually the thing that drives the company to the top of your search engine list is hits on their website.  It can not distinguish bad hits from good.  So if a million people are viewing "JimBob and his Loony Brother's Piano Repair"'s website and trying to get their money back because they were horrible at their job they would pop up on top on your search result.  Your computer can't tell the difference between positive or negative.  

I've been burned like this in the past...before I became OCD about it.  Just be sure of who and what you're paying for.  It's your money!  

Did you know that insurance companies are starting to reimburse hospitals for patient care based on how they are rated in service?!  You can view these ratings online and you can see how each hospital rates, survival rates of surgeries, mistakes in surgeries, etc, it is all public knowledge.  Now, don't sit down and research "stroke" when you think your loved one is having one...no call 911, but before hand, look at the hospitals in your are and see which one you should use in case of emergency.  Best yet, review them if you use them!  

I am not telling you to go out and review us or anything like that, but if you find yourself reading reviews pay it forward by doing it back.  Anything can be reviewed shampoo, tampons, dog collars, computers, cars, sunshine (5/5 stars in my book), etc...well minus the sunshine.  Give it a shot, it doesn't have to be long but telling others what you love, hate or what you wish it had or didn't can save people from purchasing the wrong thing, and steer them to the right.  

If you are reviewing, thank you so much!  

I am off to soak in some sunshine and study for my quiz at 5 pm.  If I were to review my procrastination...5/5.  ugh.  Enjoy your day!

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