Monday, April 30, 2012

May Calendar Bum News

So, I have some good news and some bad news.  

Usually bad news first but I think I'll be able to twist this into being both good news.

1) May calendar bums will be delayed just a little bit.
   Our sewers are super busy zipping the shells up as fast as they can but they aren't quite done yet!  I don't have one to photograph yet.  So, it won't release tomorrow.  BOO I know, and I am very sorry!

2) On the other hand, I promise you will not be disappointed.  It will be worth the wait, and you will love May Calendar Bum!

So, while you will have to wait longer, you will be happy when it releases!  We need to make a whole bunch because we know it will be in high demand!

I will keep you updated as I know more!  

Any guesses what SoftBums has up it's "sleeves"? StumbleUpon
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  1. i hope the wait is not to long, as i am going to have my baby girl on friday(scheduled c-section) and i dont want to miss it! :)

  2. I hope its retro cars~!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would definitely be worth the wait!

  3. "Sleeves," eh? Maybe a tattoo print? Excited to find out!!!

  4. Justine ChristopherApril 30, 2012 at 5:11 PM


  5. Oh I hope its PANDAS!!! I want a panda diaper so bad!!!

  6. oooh I hope it's some greenish flowery spring-ish print! :D

  7. Could you at least tell us if it's boy/girl/neutral and an eta for when we'll find out exactly what it is? :)

  8. Sleeves makes me think it's an Omni this time... hoping it's retro cars or some other print!