Monday, April 30, 2012

Family Toilet Seat

So, the name is decieving, and I have to admit it made me giggle typing it.

Family Toilet Seat?  Really?  First I pictured a 4 seater toilet, I don't want to have anything to do with that, but this...I do.

Potty training is a fun, stressful, outrageous and wonderful time.  Foster the independence, but I know too well what happens when a tired little butt sits on the potty and slips right in.  Unhappy toddler getting a bath, and unhappy momma trying to clean it up.  

I like many, also have one of the set on toddler toilet seats but I don't know about yours but ours doesn't get washed--often enough.  But there I go on a moments notice grabbing for this gross seat and usually end up not handling it by a handle, but by the "spray" plate in the front.  Yuck!  It grosses me out, so after seeing these seats at my girlfriends' house I finally caved.  I bought one.  I put it in the main bathroom yesterday and I would not hesitate to recommend these things to a friend.  

So you've got to check these things out! 

The one above is the one I have, but there are many different models!

So far, I am a huge fan!  No more handling that dirty toddler seat!  Mason's cheeks don't slide in and he seems fairly comfortable on it.  And he loves that he can do it by himself, and I love he doesn't have to touch the potty seat.  

The one I bought is plastic and pretty light weight, which I can see being a long term issue in durability, but it is great because it doesn't slam which saves tears from the 18 month old when the 3 year old crazy man tries to smash her fingers in it.  Yes, this happens at my house.  *sigh*

The only thing that would make this better is to have it lock so my 18 month couldn't throw her toys in the toilet but still let my 3 year old use it.  

Hey I can dream right!?

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  1. I think this toilet seat is an interesting concept, but I'm not sure I would purchase one. The toddler seat my friends have sits on the regular seat, but is secured within the hole, this prevents splashback onto the top portion of the main toilet seat. I just have this image of pee drips dried on the underside of the childs seat that you would then have behind you, with dried drips on the portion you sit on. I also would maybe worry about little boys sitting down and peeing only to have the pee spray between the two seats, my husband thought of that one lol.

  2. I have been looking everywhere for these! Where do you buy them? My church has them in the children's wing and my LO is just potty training. Thanks for this article!!!

    1. Lowes has it for either 30 or 36 (at mine at least) price depends on what kind of seat you have round/oblong. Its the one pictured it has a picture of a mom and toddler on the box I could for the life of me not find it til I noticed that lol. I have a 2yo son and havent had any problems with leaking between the seats its pretty secure and the whole thing comes apart for easy cleaning my old seat didnt do that so I love it its always hard to get the back of the toilet clean.

    2. I saw one at walmart today, but they only have the standard round type (at our local one, anyway). also has a bunch.

  3. This toilet seat is very interesting. It is very fit in a big happy family.

  4. That was something unique. It look so great and so neat.