Thursday, March 1, 2012

Super Stuffin' Fluff

SoftBums has two different styles of diapers.  

The Echo is an All-In-2 (abbreviated AI2) system which means it has 2 main parts, the shell and the insert.  


The Omni can also be an AI2, but has the added feature of being a pocket diaper too!  Smart, Right!?  Talk about a versatile diaper!  
A lot of SoftBums users LOVE the Omni diaper for overnight use, so I took a few minutes and made a super quick video showing you a couple different ways to stuff your Omni for night time and a couple tricks!

There are a 1000 ways to stuff your SoftBums, either style, either way (Pocket or AI2).  

Super Stuffing for Nap/Night

These diapers can handle serious stuffing!  These are just some ideas and things I use at home.  Let us know how you super stuff your Omni! 
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