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SoftBums Review (and give away) on BabyCenter!

I am so excited!  SoftBums is on the BabyCenter Blog!  They are hosting a give away too!  Go check them out!

Win: SoftBums cloth diapers!
Jenny Atkinson

posted: 03/22/2012, 8:43 pm

I mentioned back here that I plan on cloth diapering, so I’m pretty excited about reviewing SoftBums diapers! Their system is a little different than what I’ve seen and tried out so far, and I was really curious to find out how their Slide2Size one-size diapers worked in real life. Here are the details:
SoftBums has two styles of reusable diapers: the Echo, and the Omni. Both retail for $21.95 and the pods can be purchased separately or in packages for a better overall price.
The Echo is a basic shell with a soft, microfleece lining that comes with either velcro or snap closures. Pods snap easily into place, and when soiled you can just replace the pod and re-use the shell a few times before washing that as well.
The Omni has the same features as the Echo, but it also can be used as a pocket diaper. So either you can snap the pod in place like you would in the Echo, or you can stuff the pod between the lining and the outer shell instead. The drawback here is that you can’t re-use the shell if you stuff the diaper.
Echo Blooga Win: SoftBums cloth diapers!
Features of both:
They come in several different colors, and have limited editions of a few cute prints as well.
They are one-size diapers that use a Slide2Size system which fits babies from 6-35 lbs. I will admit – I was a little skeptical of this at first for two reasons, but I was happily proven wrong.
First of all, it uses a toggle to adjust the leg elastic and I thought that might be a little uncomfortable for the baby. After playing around with it, I found that because the toggle is so small and cushioned by the liner and the pods, I don’t even feel it so think it will be comfortable for the baby.
Secondly, I had a hard time believing that they’ll live up to their claims of fitting a new born because I had heard that one-sized diapers are generally too big for that. However, after trying out the Slide2Size, I was really impressed. Not only are these diapers trimmer than most other brands I’ve purchased (which makes me really hopeful for a good newborn fit), but I was really “wowed” with how the leg elastic just cinches right up to whatever size I’d like – I think it will provide a much better fit than the styles that snap at the rise to adjust the size. I’ll let you know for sure though once my baby makes his/her arrival!
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  1. We love our Softbums diapers. They are so trim and so many options for inserts.