Friday, March 2, 2012

SoftBums as a swim diaper!?

Sorry I was lacking on the blog post yesterday!  We developed a sink hole under our driveway which I filled with 9-60 pound bags of sand (no thanks to my hubby--well, he bought them)!  But life goes on and I am so excited because:

We are on the morning of my son starting swimming lessons.  He is almost 3 (on 3/31) and is potty trained during the day.  He is usually really good about letting me know when he has to use the potty but I am not so sure that he will fess up while in the pool.  So I will still be using a swim diaper on him while we are in the pool, for peace of mind.  

Because I love cloth diapering and the aspect of reusing items instead of throwing them in the trash it was natural for us to look for a cloth swim diaper. 

I bought the Mother Ease Swim Diaper after obsessively reading reviews and scoping all the options out there.  I love them!  They work great, and I have to say one of the biggest things when looking for a swim diaper is making sure you can open it up in  case your little one poops, then you don't have to draaaag it down their legs.  Yuck.  

I loved these swim diapers until I lost them!  Serious!  We went to FL.  Then when we were home and wanted to go to the local YMCA, they were totally MIA!  I dug the house A-PART!  You know that feeling: can't find the right Tupperware cover-so frustrated you're thisclose to smashing your head through a wall.  NO DICE!  Couldn't find them anywhere!  

To my rescue-SoftBums!!! 

Did you know that your SoftBums shell can be used as a swim diaper!?  Just put them on your LO without any absorbent pods, and *wallah* insta swim diaper!  They work better than any other swim diaper out there since they are custom fit to your baby so there will be no embarrassing pool-clearing moments on behalf of your baby.  

They are not flattering on super little babies because they get drooopy once wet since they are one size covers, but if you A) don't care, B) don't want to buy a separate swim diaper, or C) are in a pinch these babies will work great!  

I have used several of my SoftBums covers as swim diapers and have not noticed any fading on the covers.  Even in chlorine pools.  

Just another way your SoftBums will win your heart!

Oh, and just to rub it in a little bit...I know what the March Calendar Bum is!  I am working on the post now!  :)   StumbleUpon
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  1. Thanks for this post. I know it's old, but it was helpful to me today. I ordered a swim diaper for my little one and for whatever reason it only shipped today and lessons start Monday. So I was searching online for whether I could use a SoftBums cover for one lesson. I won't be using it regularly, but hoping it will work for the one 30 minute lesson.