Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So, What's the Difference?

I see this question everywhere:

"What's the difference between the Omni and Echo?" 

In short.  Very little but a lot. 

Here is a short table quickly showing the similarities of both designs. 

Photo comparison:


Below the Echo is on top and the Omni diaper is on the bottom.  Here you can see the size difference in the width of the shell.  

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  1. I find that I continually go back and forth as to which one I like better. I never stuff the pocket on the omni but I do like that it has more coverage, but when my daughter is wearing something that's more slim fitting I prefer the sleekness of the echo. Both are great though.

  2. Thanks. This clears up a lot of my questions. I am now thinking I need 1 of each to try- echo for day and omni to stuff for night.

  3. I love my omni's, but the pocket part sucks. They always leak :(

  4. After trial and error with my heavy wetter, I decided that the Echo are the favorite for daytime (LOVE the trimness!) and the Omni for night. I use thicker pods with the Omni so I only need to change DS once overnight. I tried the pocket, but I don't like that the shell can't be used again, so I just have the "pocket" insert underneath the superpod. Works perfect! We've never had a nighttime leak since using the Omni.

  5. For me the biggest difference is that the echo gets us to potty training and the omni can get us all the way through bedwetting (my kids don't tend to nighttime train until age 5).