Friday, March 9, 2012

The Perfect Fit

I spend a lot of time browsing social sites answering questions about SoftBums.  I enjoy it, usually a quick fix and problem is solved, sometimes its more involved than that, but I can usually come up with the answer.  If I can't I go direct to Sarah and she tells me what to tell them or she takes over.  

I see all over the internet people curious how the "Slide-2-Size" system in SoftBums works.  I also read a lot of questions regarding how to get the right fit and concerns that getting the right fit is difficult.

I want to take some time and debunk these myths.

This is the illustration from the SoftBums website on how the "Slide-2-Size" system is designed.  

While I agree--it looks more complicated than other diapers, but PLEASE believe me that it is NOT any harder!  

SoftBums diapers are usually mailed to you in their smallest setting.  First thing you want to do is prep them according to the instructions (we will address this in a later post), so you will want to open them most of the way up so they will wash nicely.  Simply squeeze the toggle and pull the diaper so the legs stretch out.  When resting inside the diaper, the toggles sit above the leg opening in the front of the diaper.  They can be accessed by either pulling the toggle out of the small opening in the front of the diaper (see picture above) or by squeezing the toggle while it is still inside the diaper.

After you're done prepping and you're ready to put your SoftBums on your baby for the first time is when you'll have to adjust the diaper.  

Now that the diaper is on the baby, you need to make sure the legs are adjusted correctly.  The key here is to let the elastic do its job and not just pull the elastic so it strangles the baby's legs.  

I took a little video putting SoftBums on my daughter.  Sorry for the intermittent squealing...she's 17 months going on 3.  She is all personality!!!

Done right this diaper will leave zero red marks and will leave no leaking, even on the littlest of babies.  

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  1. Good post. I really find it helpful.

  2. Thank you! I love it when people comment on my blog!

  3. thanks for this! the video was really helpful. i was making the legs too tight!