Thursday, March 8, 2012

Newborn in SoftBums Fit Comparison

Lucky for us, a SoftBums Lover welcomed her new little man into this world on leap day.  He is one handsome guy!  She took the time to try different absorbent layers in the diaper and take pictures so we can all see how they compare! 

I know it's hard to take your eye off the sweet baby and look at the diaper, but give it a try.  You will see how versatile this diaper is, you can use it so many different ways and still get a perfect, leak free fit!  You can see for yourself when you look at the pictures how each different absorbent layer fits in the shell, and how each still fit baby around the legs and waist perfectly.  Some may be trimmer than others, but it is all in what you prefer, in the end, SoftBums can do it all!

Infant pre-fold and a SoftBums Echo Shell 

Of all the options pictured here, this one will have about the same absorbency as the fitted diaper and about the same fit.  It will be bulkier than the mini pod, but have more absorbency.  The size of the shell allows for the absorbent layer to fit nicely and have the legs still be sized correctly so it doesn't leak.

SoftBums' Mini Dry Touch Pod Echo Shell

This is going to be a great, every day, trim fit solution for your newborn.  It is a favorite among SoftBums users for newborns and after newborn stage the mini can be used as a doubler.  The cover will fit trimmer than with the fitted or prefold.  The mini snaps into the shell so you won't have the pod scooting around in there as baby starts to wiggle more.  Newborn clothes will fit right over these diapers stuffed this way.  Perfect leg sizing with the high Echo rise also ensures no up the back car seat disasters.  

 SoftBums' Mini Bamboo Pod and Echo Shell

Of the options listed here, this will be the ultimate trim.  It will have about the same absorbency as the dry touch mini pod, but the organic layers are so much thinner and work great as an everyday diaper.  This diaper is so trim you will nave no problems with newborn clothes fitting.  

Fitted with a SoftBums (Blueberry) Echo Shell
Who doesn't LOVE how versatile this diaper is?  It is such a wonderful shell and system.  Here the SoftBums is over a newborn fitted diaper.  The shell conforms perfectly and fits over the fitted great!  It is a great solution for when your baby is with babysitters, in laws, etc. It will have a leak free fit and be super simple.  The diaper won't fit quite as trim as the previous two options but is still so trim newborn clothes will have no problems fitting.  

Green Diaper Demos also had a couple tips:  Prewash the inserts several times. Also, when fitting, the key is to make sure the waist is very snug, you may have to loosen the legs a bit more than what you think to get that to work right but we haven't had any leaks and the elastic does it's job (shouldn't be tight on the legs)

Thank you so much, Green Diaper Demos, for taking the pictures and allowing me 
to put them on the blog to share with other users!  They are very helpful!

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  1. the fitted looks the best under the shell since it doesn't look baggy! Handsome little guy!

    1. It really fills the diaper out nicely, but if you want a trimmer fit, the other options are great too and have plenty of absorbency! Thanks for commenting! I love comments to the blog!

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