Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mommy Monday #5

Mommy Monday #5

Meet Amanda, 
I chose SoftBums after using about 4-5 different brands. When we moved someone tossed my stash. (I'm assuming someone who helped heard diapers and assumed trash), but this allowed us to try new types.

We were not in love with any of our others so I was almost relieved to have an excuse to start over. I did lots of research starting with padded tush stats to see what fit would be best for my sons body type. He is not chubby but has been in the 95 percentile (height a d weight) with a thin waist and chunky legs.  So I needed something adjustable but also would go much larger then other brands. I even tried Itti Bittis which had the "largest" weight limit at 44lbs and was not satisfied.

The SoftBums had GREAT reviews. So we started with three to see how we like them and were hooked. I don't even need to try anything else. I bought several more. Once I figured out where the elastic needed to be set we have had great succes with these (unfortunately as a daytime only diaper).  I recommend these to friends who cloth and for those I'm trying to talk into trying cloth. My son is only 9 months old and is 24 lbs and these look like they will fit him for awhile and when I've held them up to the Itti bitt and oh katys I liked these as theyare much taller. As long as my kiddo fits these we will be using SoftBums.  And as soon as I can afford more I will be completing my stash with more. 
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  1. And that's why I love Padded Tush Stats (you should have linked to the site, so others can try the site, too!) I think the hardest part of cloth diapering, well, is finding your perfect laundry routine. After THAT, it's finding the diaper that fits your particular baby best! I've got a tall baby with a tiny waist and while he used to have chicken legs, he's now gotten much bigger thighs (why do some diaper companies assume a certain thigh to waist ratio? I need to be able to adjust those independently of one another!) I have my first SoftBums in the mail right now, and I can't WAIT!

  2. If you click on the blue "padded tush stats" it is indeed a link to their page. They've been such a help with diaper types, retailers, and washing routines and detergent.