Monday, March 12, 2012

Mommy Monday #3

Welcome everybody to Mommy Monday #3!  Take a minute to get to know Kaylee and her beautiful family!

First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Kaylee, I am a 24 year old first time mom. My family consists of my husband Nathan, our 4 month old son Max, and of course me. We are newly married and love our little family. We are primarily using softbums diapers on our little man and absolutely love them! They are a great product and I would highly recommend them to anyone. I am constantly telling new moms that they should look into the diapers. I have converted a few people to using softbums and all of them just like me are thrilled with the product. I am writing this blog to tell you all about why softbums are the best!

      When I first discovered that I was pregnant I never even considered using cloth diapers. My image of cloth diapers were those rectangular pieces of cloth and sharp pins used to do them up. I did not want to have to fiddle around with pins around my new, precious little baby. I especially did not want to have to swish out the poopy diapers in the toilet. Disposable diapers seemed like a much easier choice to me. One day I was looking around an online site for baby items and came across this item called a diaper sprayer. This was the first time I decided to look into cloth diapers. Upon lookin into it I discovered this world of easy, user friendly diapers. You no longer have to fiddle with pins and risk poking the baby. There are so many different kinds of diapers. I asked a bunch of local moms about what types of diapers they liked best. One local mom pointed me towards softbums. I look into them and was sold. They were the most genious invention. Not only were they fully adjustable, but they would fit my baby the whole time he was in diapers. I loved this fact! I didnt have to worry about having to buy different sized of diapers. I have looked into other types of diapers and have an amp diaper, some bonnibuns, and a few from a local cloth company called Rump Arounds. Softbums are my only velcro diapers, and the ones that I consistently choose. Here are a few reasons why I love my softbums:

Softbums have a leg elastic and toggle which make them fully adjustable. I have had problems with not quite getting the right fit with the snap diapers and getting leaks around the legs. Since softbums have an adjustable leg size I have not really had to worry about this. I did have a few leaks with the softbums at the start, but I just had to figure out how to properly adjust the leg. I never had any leaks when using their slightly bigger omni diaper. i think that the extra fabric covered Max's legs a little better than when I used the echos. I have a variety of both echos, and omnis. Now that I have mastered how to adjust the legs I love both styles of diapers. 

- I also love the velco on my softbums. I find snaps more time consuming to put on. I like that the velcro goes on fast and easily adjusts to the right size. They are also nice at night when you are trying to change a baby in the dark! Shortly after I bought my softbums they also came out with a snap version. I have yet to try their snaps. The softbum snap diapers have fewer snaps than other snap diapers I have seen. I think this would be alot easier than having to snap the top of the diaper and the crotch area. 

- Softbums are extremely soft. Compared to my other diapers they are softer to touch and I feel that they are nicer against my baby's body.

- Softbums have a variety of different inserts. I have used their dry touch, super dry touch, and bamboo inserts. I like each of them for different reasons. I like to use the dry touch during the day when I change Max more, and he doesnt need the stronger absorbancy. As a bit of a heavy wetter, I find that the super dry touch are better for him at night. The bamboo also work great at night for the higher absorbancy. One other thing I enjoy the bamboo for is when I would like the diaper to be a little trimmer. The bamboo are slightly smaller than the other pods, so they make the diaper slightly less bulky. That being said, softbums are the trimmest diaper that I have. The other styles of diapers are seem to fit bulkier.

- One other thing that I love about softbums is their all in two (AI2) style. The shells can be reused over and over before being washed. When the baby goes pee all you have to do is snap the insert out. That shell is then put aside to dry and a new one is put on. Next time you change the baby you reuse the first shell and put the second one out to dry. Being able to reuse the shells leads to alot less laundry when compared to other diaper styles. If one was to use a pocket diaper all the time, they would end up with twice as much laundry as when they are able to reuse the shell. The snap in inserts are one of the best features in my opinion. A shell needs to be washed once the baby poops in it. However, as babies get older they poop less and less in a day, therefore less shells are needed. 

I truly do believe that softbums are the best diaper out there. They have fit my 4 month old great for months and will fit him until he is out of diapers. They are a well made product and I will use them for my next baby as well. Softbums have a great variety of color and pattern selection and have yet to let me down. I suggest these diapers to everyone who wants a well fitting, long lasting diaper!

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