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Mommy Monday #2

We are having an early Mommy Monday because tomorrow will be full of news for Calendar Bums.

Mommy Monday #2 is a wonderful lady named Tara!  

I originally looked into a service of cloth diapers when I was pregnant with my first son, I just didn't like how they were all plain white and bleached weekly and rotated. I don't know the whole thing just wasn't for me. So I back burnered that idea and went to disposables. Then when my son was 14 months old my friend and I were at a mom & tot show in Calgary, AB and I was attracted by the bright colors. At first I was put off by having to wash them (especially since my son was already on solids!) but I couldn't deny their cuteness and the bright colors was so fascinating to me and of course so much different then disposables, not to mention cost effective after the original investment! It was "Fuzzibunz" that originally caught my eye.

I loved them at first. It was a new experience and I took many pictures of my son toddling around in his cute bright colored diapers. It was awesome to branch out from the ordinary, and I have always wanted to be eco-friendly as well!
Over time I found that my son's PJ's started to stink of ammonia smell, and not only was I changing and washing diapers almost every day but now he couldn't even re-use the same pajamas! I bathed him every night and put him into day clothes each morning so there should have been no reason not to re-use the PJ's but the smell was repulsive. I began to get frustrated. I mean I had better things to do then strip diapers every week, I had switched laundry soap countless times and was told I would only have to strip them every couple months; I tried several different stripping techniques as well. Nothing seemed to work!

The pockets worked okay I suppose, they did their job in holding in his "stuff"  but with pockets usually come microfiber which is what I am told makes them stink, the microfiber just clings to soaps. Bottom line they STANK and once used the whole diaper was used, so there was way more investing involved to make sure you had enough of a stock pile to diaper a baby.
So then I gave up on cloth. I was sad about that because not only did I invest a bunch of money but I really did enjoy the eco-friendly way of diapering and the cute colors. I just couldn't stand that smell any longer though. So back to disposables we went till my son was day trained at 19 months.

I was fortunate to be a SAHM for almost the entire time my (almost 4 year old now) son was a baby. I went back to work for 2 weeks and during that period my day home provider was more then happy to accommodate our cloth choice. It was so easy anyway, just toss it in the wet bag and I would deal with it when I got home. She also adored the cute colors! My family was supportive as my mom used to cloth all of us too!

My friend started telling me about how she discovered SoftBums diapers and how they were her favorite. I can't tell you how many times I went to the website planning to buy more for our next baby, but I had already potty trained my 1st so no need to purchase any at that time.

It took us awhile to get pregnant again, and by that time I had given up hope that I would ever conceive, so I had sold all my baby furniture - then God blessed us with a new bundle! Oops, we had no baby stuff! We were in a tight spot for money due to having to re-buy all the furniture.
So we decided to give the cloth another go.

I disliked how the pocket diapers were not easy to make small for a newborn. My son (born at 10lbs 6oz) couldn't even properly fit the Fuzzibunz until he was a month and a half old! Now after owning them only 2 years the PUL lining is falling apart, and at $22/diaper they should hold on to their quality. Again, the smell started to come back! So we needed to look into other diapers.
To be cost effective we ended up purchasing a bunch of fitted diapers too - and only purchased 3 covers for them. Which my new baby recently grew out of. We were again in a pinch and wondering if there was any cloth out there that would have the perfect combination?

Turns out we found that perfect match in SoftBums! I LOVE SoftBums because they can be used many times over without having to invest so much money, and the prints are ADORABLE and so unique. I also have the added benefit of being able to use my existing diapers by re-using the SoftBum covers.
 I have been wanting to buy SoftBums for awhile but never wanted to pay for a lot of shipping. Then I found a local vendor who sells them and now I am completely addicted.

I am about to purchase a 24 pack of SoftBum covers/pods and sell the rest of my stash. I found the diaper that has it all: cover, ease of use, easily adjusted, doesn't stink, cutest prints i've ever seen, softest bamboo pods that are so easy to use (just snap in and go!) my Husband loves them as well. We can use each cover 3x before having to go to the next. We don't NEED to purchase 24 covers but with prints as irresistable as "scrambled eggs" and "blooga" and "later gator" and the bright neon colors how could we resist?

I use every opportunity I can now to show off his cute little cloth diapes. I get comments often on how cute they are and I often get asked where to purchase SoftBums.

The biggest perk from switching to such a high quality diaper is that I can also see my baby prefers the SoftBums as when we put him in the SoftBums with a bamboo pod at night he sleeps through the night, any other diaper and he will wake up 2 or 3 times. The bamboo helps to keep him feeling dry so he doesn't wake up with that icky wet diaper feeling.

A Happy baby means a Happy family!

I can't say enough how much I LOVE SOFTBUMS! Thank-you for creating such a versatile diaper!
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