Friday, March 2, 2012

A great new review!

We came across this great review of SoftBums.  From

Below is a excerpt from the blog post, please follow the link to read the whole thing!

SoftBums Echo vs Omni (now with snaps too!) Review

When I first started my cloth diapering research a year ago I did not 
understand the point of an All-In-Two diaper system. I didn't understand how 
those little inserts were going to contain anything. How could I possibly use the 
shell more than one time???? Wouldn't it be gross? Also during my research 
I came across SoftBums cloth diapers. They had two versions; the Echo and the Omni
The Echo was an All-In-Two system and the Omni was a combo of an All-In-Two / Pocket 
Diaper. Both had great reviews and both were super cute, but ack! I still wasn't sure 
about the All-In-Two system. Being the diaper testing girl that I am I decided I would 
try out the SoftBums Omni. I figured if I hated the All-In-Two feature then at least I had 
a pocket diaper. Then SoftBums launched their new prints. Man! They were all so cute! 
Ok, I couldn't resist and I got both an Echo and an Omni. If they flop I just sell them 
right? Fast forward 6 months. I've been using my SoftBums for 4 months now and I LOVE 
them!!!! Who would have known...

Please visit her blog for the rest of the review.  It has video and a bunch of 
great photos and descriptions!  
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