Sunday, March 4, 2012

Frugal Fluff

Life is expensive.  Kids are expensive.  

I know when people weigh the pros and cons of cloth diapers the up front cost of them deters many.  We always recommend the entire SoftBums systems to users because our pods are designed specifically to fit our shells perfectly.  But, if you are tight on money (who isn't these days) these are a few options that I'd like to share!

Have you ever considered the SoftBums covers then filling them with cost friendly inserts?  0

I had never really considered this until shopping around and reading what people were using as inserts.  

White Dishtowels like these from Walmart.  They are $5.48 for 5 towels.  Fold them up like flats and put them in your covers.  

These 100% cotton towels can be folded in half, then thirds to look like this.  Then in half (or so-depending on baby's size) again and you have about 12 layers to absorb.  This lasts about as long as a regular SoftBums pod.  Not quite as long and I am sure baby can feel wetness more because there is no microfleece on top to hold wetness away.  But it does work, quite well.  Stuff it in an Omni and baby will have the fleece next to their skin.

When folded this way they fit nicely into a SoftBums cover.  

You can also buy microfiber towels at walmart for cheap cut them up and make them into inserts too.  If you have a serger its a good idea to serge them so they don't frey and come apart.  

I know prefolds are LOVED by many!  Why wouldn't you love them?!  Simple, (many are) organic, super absorbent, time tested (I was cloth diapered in prefolds, pins, and rubber pants), soft, etc etc.  Infant sized prefolds fit PERFECT in a SoftBums cover.  Either Echo or Omni!  

 I am willing to bet that if you try putting SoftBums over your fitted diapers you would never love any other cover more!  Custom fit the whole way around!  You can't go wrong!

If you are already using cloth and have other systems and inserts/pods, SoftBums covers will work over almost anything.  I have yet to find something that doesn't work.  If your inserts/pods don't have microfleece toppers consider the Omni to help baby stay dry.

How about old cotton T-shirts?  Old cotton blankets, sheets?

Do you use other inserts, pods, things to stuff your SoftBums?  What do you use?

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  1. I use the SoftBums pods but also flats, prefolds, itti bitti boos (a fitted diaper), and for my newborn: Mother-ease xs Sandy's and Thirsties duo fab fitted all under my SoftBums Echo shells :0)

  2. It says that an infant sized prefold fits in the echo cover. Would that be absorbent enough for an older child? Would a larger sized prefold fit?

  3. Would the prefold bunch up and not stay put without a snap for the echo?