Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Finding Unity Where You Can (Baby Wearing)

I know how it is as a Mom and SAHM, some days I feel so isolated, like I am the only parent going through this or that and can't seem to get my feet on the ground.  

In nursing school we are taught a lot about being "culturally competent".  One reason I went back to be a nurse is because I find people fascinating.  I am a very open person to everybody's own perceptions and ideas of the world.  I love to learn about people, beliefs, expectations and experiences that make them who they are.  I don't judge.  It may not be what I believe, but that doesn't matter. I won't judge.  The minute I judge, is the minute I close my mind and stop learning.  

In the end we are all just people, making our way through this life the best we can, being the best professionals, friends, brothers or sisters, neighbors, and/or parents we can.  In the end, none of us is alone and we can find unity if we each look for it.  

I found this flickr album and couldn't help sitting back and watching the whole darn thing.  

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