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Diaper Sprayers

Need to clean some diapers?  Many Many Many Cloth Diapering families use a sprayer!  I have posted several popular brands to purchase, and a blog post in January had a DIY diaper sprayer.  

I have never used a diaper sprayer, which is one reason SoftBums is so wonderful in my mind.  From my EBF son who didn't start solids until 10 months old, to my daughter who was only able to be EBF (my body quit producing) for 8 months and was eating solids at 7 months, "poo flinging" as we call it around our house is never an issue.  We love our Dry Touch pods because almost anything rolls right off of these.  In almost 3 years of CDing my babies, I've only dunked 5 or so diapers.  Those times, yes I wish I would have had a sprayer, but we never bought one.  

They are a wonderful item and depending on your techniques it may be well worth it!  

bumGenius Diaper Sprayer       Retail: $44.95

Quick Clean Up!

The popular design from Coolcraft is now updated with new anti-drip technology and is only available from bumGenius with full-color, fold out instructions designed to make the installation process simple from the moment you open the package.
The diaper sprayer is a fresh way to clean soiled cloth diapers. Its high-pressure spray rinses clean even the messiest diapers. The mess goes where it is supposed to go - and your hands stay clean.
During potty training, the sprayer is perfect for rinsing potty chairs.
The adjustable spray is gentle enough to be used for personal hygiene after childbirth.

Easy to Install - no plumber needed

The bumGenius Diaper Sprayer is very easy to install. All parts and detailed instructions with high-quality pictures are included in the box. If you need help with installation, call the 800 number listed with the instructions to talk to an experienced customer service agent.

In the Box

One package includes chrome sprayer, fixtures, hose, mounting clip, and full-color instructions with diagrams and pictures.
Designed by a mom and conscientiously assembled in the USA of imported parts.

Mini-Shower - Bidet & Multi-Use Hand Held Sprayer Retail   $44.95

Easy Installation – No Plumber Or Tools Required 
Easily connects to commodes without tools or a Plumber for the ultimate, easy to use, hand held bidets and multi-use sprayer.
¼ Turn, Ceramic Core, Pressure Control Shut-Off Valve
Includes a quality made, easy turn, faucet type valve with long lasting ceramic seals. Spray pressure easily adjusts from gentle to jet spray with only ¼ turn of the valve handle; making it very easy to adjust the spray pressure or turn on and off.
Great Spray Pressure
You’ll be amazed at how much spray pressure the Mini-ShowerTM can be adjusted up to, even though we only use a ¼ diameter hose. In fact, our spray pressure is so good that the Mini-ShowerTM is the #1 sold sprayer in the US. for rinsing cloth diapers by Moms Going Green for baby care. Check out the link below to a segment on ABC news Good Morning America about going green for baby care. The Mini-ShowerTMwas featured as one of the new products under our co-branded name - bum genius Diaper Sprayer.
Click Here To See ABC News Video
Less Noticeable In Bathroom 
Mini-size ¼’’ diameter clear hose, custom designed adapter, and tank clip make the Mini-ShowerTM less noticeable in bathrooms compared to built-in Bidets, Bidet seats, and Bidet attachments. The MiniShowerTM is simplicity at its best and hangs neatly along side your toilet tank barely noticeable in your bathroom.
Super Flexible Hose
Mini-ShowerTM hose stays flexible even under pressure, unlike oversized, 1/2'' diameter metal or heavy-duty plastic hoses, which become stiff and hard to bend when pressurized.
High Pressure Sprayer
Mini-ShowerTM hose, valve and fittings are designed specifically for use with the Mini-ShowerTM products and have a pressure rating of 150psi, which is more than 2 times the average house pressure.
Adjustable Length 6 ft. Hose 
The adjustable hose gives you the option of mounting the sprayer on either side of commode for right or left-handed use. Quick-connect hose fittings allow you to cut the hose so excess hose is not lying on the floor.
Spray Wand Holder & Tank Clip
Custom molded spray wand holder easily clips on the side of commode tanks. Thus eliminating the need to drill holes in walls and cabinets.

FuzziBunz® Diaper Sprayer – Chrome
Keep the mess in the toilet
The FuzziBunz® Diaper Sprayer offers quick clean up of messy diapers. Simply attach the diaper sprayer to your toilet and rinse messy diapers off over the toilet… not in your sink or washing machine. Our sprayer features:

  • Fully Adjustable Pressure Valve: No “poop splatter” when you pull the trigger!
  • 360-Degree Turning Spray Head: Avoids a twisting hose.
  • Comes Completely Assembled: No plumber needed with the included step-by-step color instructions and washer options that fit most toilets.
  • Easy Install Bracket: You decide where to hang the sprayer on the wall.
  • Green Packaging: All parts of the sprayer’s packaging are recyclable.
Most cloth diapering parents find their trusty diaper sprayer a must-have item!

FLO Diaper Sprayer

"What do you do about poop?" This is the #1 most asked question when it comes to cloth diapers. The FLO Diaper sprayer is our answer to dealing with baby poop easily, conveniently, mess-free, and without having to get your hands dirty. The FLO diaper sprayer can handle small messes as well as the big ones as it makes rinsing diapers a breeze.

The FLO sprayer is also perfect for use as a hand-held bidet for feminine and personal hygiene.

The water pressure control valve is conveniently located right under the sprayer handle. This leaves you with the ability to control the water pressure right at your fingertips.

A diaper sprayer made of high impact ABS resin and metal. Comes with a holder to place the unit between uses, either attached to the wall or by on your toilet tank. 

Knicker Nappies Diaper Sprayer $43.99

The Knickernappies Diaper Sprayer is perfect for rinsing out soiled diapers quickly and conveniently; no dunking! It is especially helpful for babies eating solid foods. Complete pre-assembled kit fits in minutes with the smallest spray profile and multiple flow settings for minimum over-spray. Reinforced fittings for years of leak-free trouble free use.  Great also for washing out toddler potties and potty training rings.
  • Brass fittings instead of plastic like other brands
  • Sturdy supply hose will not burst or leak
  • Complete shut-off valve (some other brands do not have this feature)
Instructions for rinsing out diapers:  The diapers do not need to be soaking wet or sprayed completely clean.  Hold the diaper with one hand and let it dangle in the toilet.  It does not need to touch the toilet water.  With the other hand, gently aim the spray at the diaper and let the water rinse the diaper until it's mostly clean.  Let it drip for just a moment and then it can go into the diaper pail.  Once you get the routine down, you can do this in just a few seconds and without getting your hands (or your bathroom!) wet. 

I also looked on eBay, and they have quite a few sprayers.  They look like kits that are put together from the local hardware store, but they would probably work just fine.  They aren't the most aesthetic to look at, but if inexpensive is what you're aiming for try looking around there.

Now, remember, I am not a sprayer, so I have no personal opinions to offer here, just a list of some available!   
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