Friday, March 9, 2012

Diaper Service

I recently used this company to strip my stash.  I was so impressed! 

My favorite things:
1. They pick up the diapers
2. They drop off the diapers
3. They offer prefolds while they have your stash
4. They will custom your wash to your preferences
5. They know their diapers
6. Honest, Local Company

For me, they charged me around $30 for the service.  My daughter was  having skin break down due to buildup on our diapers.  I was curious if stripping would really solve our problems.  I sent them away (teary eyed--seriously) and when I got them back they were fresh, perfect, no repelling and our skin issues are GONE!  Wallah!  GONE!  

I can strip diapers on my own, but my life these days I can hardly remember my own name let alone remember to restart the washer so many times.  I genuinely do not mind washing diapers, I've just been a little busy with 2 kids, nursing school, blog, life, moms know how it goes.  This was such a simple, cost effective thing to do.  Even if I do it 2 or so times a year, it is so worth it and I will be a returning customer.  

This is a local company in MN which I personally would highly recommend for your diapers (discuss details with the company about your diapers and preferences you have).  If you're not in MN, I also encourage you to look in your local community to see if a service like this exists.  It may save your sanity one day!  Make sure they have a good reputation and discuss how they wash cloth and if you want anything different see if they will custom your wash and make them explain their washing and what they know about cloth.  Have they had fading issues, with what brands, do they wash covers or just inserts/pods, what chemicals do they use, how big are their washers, do they wash your fluff alone or with other peoples, etc?  Ask all the questions you can think of, especially how they stand behind their services.  

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  1. What an interesting service! How did they do the strip? (Just lots and lots of hot washes? Or do they use an additive or some special soap?) I'd love to know more about how they did it!

    1. Honestly, I can't exactly remember! I had it done in January and my life is so crazy. I can call and ask and have them put more details. I know it was several washes in industrial washers, and they do one with bleach, if you're okay with it. If you don't want bleach they charge $5 extra, they must do them in a different washer or something special. If you're interested, give em a buzz they are great and will tell you all about it! He is so good at what he does!

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  3. Hm - I thought we weren't supposed to use any Bleach on our Soft Bums? I'm glad you liked them, though! I wish there was something similar in my area but I know there isn't. (Oh and it's not actually "Wallah", it's "Voila" which is French for "there it is" or "there you are"...just sayin' :P )

  4. I have used this service in the past and plan to do so again. I that i can just set up a pick up date and have them back waiting on my doorstep one week later!

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