Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Your design.

If you could design your own cloth diaper, what would you do? 

Anything from the fit, to the style, color, versatility, what would you do?

I have been blessed with a) two healthy kids and b) a boy and a girl.  And through having one of each gender I have a pet peeve that boys get totally jipped when it comes to clothing selection and girls get jipped in toy selection.  I love both of my kids, equally but differently; I have a thing for boy's clothes for some reason.  Girls clothes are all pink and frilly but boys have so many different themes, characters, etc. I can dream up so much stuff, but I can't do it because I lack the ability to put thought onto paper.  

That being said...I picture this.  A boy's diaper, red with a fancy applique of the Superman logo on the butt!  A little blue cape that can be removed via snaps which hooks on either sides.  It could be Batman, or your favorite superhero!  Name me a little boy who wouldn't look so cute in them and love them!?  But, living in the land of Laws and "All Rights Reserved" Lord knows this would only take 7 million bucks to even dream up.  

So I challenge you, tag your favorite design/print/fabric you'd love to see on your baby's butt on our facebook page!  

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